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The Torch[1] is an object and gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a large candle with flames which can be used for various gameplay purposes.


Torches are large statues of different sizes and appearances which hold flames on top of them. They can be found scattered across the Stages they appear in. In gameplay, the player is capable of igniting and extinguishing Torches, which will normally trigger a reaction in the environment that is often essential for the player to progress the game, similar to a switch. Touching a burning Torch will damage the player.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, Torches carries flames in two colors: blue and red. In this game, Torches resemble either standing pedestals resembling a skeleton arm, floating round stands or are just on the ground. Torches are found exclusively in Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion, where they, according to Dr. Eggman, prevent those entering Mystic Mansion from leaving by conventional means as long as they are burning.[2]

The player can light a Torch using an offensive Power Formation move and extinguish them with Tornado Jump or the Jump Dash (if the player has collected three Power Cores for the latter). For Team Dark and the Super Hard Mode versions of Mystic Mansion and Hang Castle, the player sometimes has to light Torches to open a door blocking the path. In Team Chaotix's version of Mystic Mansion, the player's objective in the normal mission is to extinguish all sixty red Torches and in the extra mission, the player's objective is to extinguish all forty-six blue Torches. The order of torches after accessing every Checkpoint and room are as following:

Shadow the Hedgehog

A Torch in Shadow the Hedgehog.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Torches look like thick, hexagon-shaped tubs with four claws inside them. They are only found in Cryptic Castle where Eggman used them to activate his castle's defenses against the Black Arms.

In the Dark Mission of Cryptic Castle, the player's objective is to light five Torches. To light, the player has to hit them with the Environmental Objects resembling black poles with blue fire.

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  2. Sonic Team (30 December 2003). Sonic Heroes. Xbox. Sega. Area/level: Mystic Mansion (Team Chaotix normal mission) "Eggman: Here's your next mission. You won't be able to escape from the mysterious castle as long as the red torches are burning. Extinguish all of the red torches."

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