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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Too Tall Tails

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"Too Tall Tails" is the fifteenth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fifteenth episode, it aired as the twenty-second episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • Athletic trainer
  • Crane Operator


Robotnik has kidnapped Professor Von Schlemmer and has forced him to tell how to create his Gizmo Gas machine. Scratch and Grounder finish putting together the Gizmo Gas machine, but when tested, it fails. Robotnik, now furious, tortures Von Schlemmer to see what they have to do to get his contraption to work (by tickling his feet with a feather), and Von Schlemmer finally reveals what to do. Robotnik then sends Von Schlemmer to the deepest darkest hole in the Jungle of Doom.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are being chased by Coconuts, but they easily get rid of him. The two heroes then arrive in Wienerville, the weenie capital of Mobius. Mayor Knackwurst greets Sonic and Tails and insists on feeding them a feast. Tails gobbles down a ton of food and leaves to get some dessert. At the same time, Robotnik tests the machine on a piece of belly-button lint, but the machine explodes and casts Gizmo Gas into the air, and it eventually settles on Tails, who breathes it in as it rolls into town. Tails grows to an enormous size and gets very hungry and starts eating and breaking the whole town. He leaves so as not to hurt anyone. The citizens of Wienerville are quick to forgive Tails until Robotnik flies in on his Egg-O-matic and tells them that Tails did it on purpose and Sonic is the mastermind behind the destruction. They don't believe Robotnik until he gives them all a bunch of free gifts. The citizens then turn on Sonic and Tails.

Tails continues to grow and continues to eat whatever he can. Tails' burps cause earthquakes. The citizens go after Tails like he is a monster. Robotnik leaves and puts Scratch and Grounder in charge. Sonic overhears them talk about Von Schlemmer, so he tricks them into telling him where to find the Professor.

Sonic runs to the bottomless pit in the Jungle of Doom and pulls Professor Von Schlemmer out with a crane. Von Schlemmer tells Sonic that the antidote to the Gizmo Gas is the fragrance of the rare Hoot-n-Toot Garlic from the garden of the evil wizard lizard. Sonic runs and gets it.

Meanwhile, the Wienerville citizens have Tails cornered in a canyon. Tails tries to justify his actions, but they do not listen. Sonic and Von Schlemmer arrive with the garlic, but the citizens insist Robotnik uses his Insto-Freeze Cannon to turn Tails into a Popsicle. Von Schlemmer gives Sonic blueprints to build the world's largest wiener launcher which fires a giant Chili Dog (with the garlic on it) into Tails' mouth. Tails shrinks back to normal and Robotnik's freeze ray misses him and bounces back at the villains, hitting them. Professor Von Schlemmer explains everything to the Mayor. The diner's waitress asks how to make things up to Sonic and Tails. Tails asks for 746 Chili Dogs and some dessert.

Sonic Sez

Tails is eating junk food, but Sonic intervenes and tells him that he needs to eat fruit, veggies, dairy, poultry, fish, bread and cereals. Tails gets a tummy ache from eating too much ice cream. This segment reveals that although Sonic loves chili dogs, he eats healthy too.

Sonic: "Hey Tails, whataya doin'?"

Tails: "Having lunch, Sonic. Want some?"

Sonic: "No thanks, little bud! (speeds off, then reappears with a plate of fruits and vegetables) You know I love chili dogs, but the old bod needs fruits and vegetables every now and then (speeds off again, then he reappears with a plate of dairy products) Milk and dairy products too (speeds off once more and comes back with a plate of bread in one hand and a plate of fish and poultry in the other) Not to mention fish and poultry, and don't forget your bread and cereals. You need 'Premium Fuel' to run your best!"

(Tails feels sick)


  • As the waitress tells Sonic that Robotnik has come up with a weapon to do away with Tails (which is the Insto-Freeze Cannon), the scene cuts to Robotnik as if he had her voice.
  • When Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder flee after one fire of the Insto-Freeze Cannon misses Tails and gets them instead, Scratch's neck is colored yellow just before they get frozen.
  • When Coconuts is chasing Sonic and Tails, Sonic's arms are blue instead of tan when he is talking to Tails.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le Petit Géant The Little Giant
German Die Riesenerfindung The giant invention
Italian Mini-Scheggia Mini-Tails
Portuguese (Brazil) O Gigantismo do Tails The Tails Gigantism
Portuguese (Portugal) Tails e a Geringonça Monumental Tails and the Monumental Gadget
Spanish (Spain) Colas demasiado altas Queues too high
Spanish (Latin America) Colitas se hace grande Tails gets big