Not to be confused with Dragonfly.

Tonber[1] is an enemy that appears in the Wii U/PC version of Sonic Lost World. It is a mass-produced, dragonfly-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


Based on dragonflies, Tonbers have orange and dark gray armor with five green wings attached on both sides. On their underbellies, the Tonbers have five plates which fire puprle laser beams. They also have two cyan eyes with purple sclera, two wide yet sharp fangs in their mouths, and four smaller purple eyes on the front of their face.


In gameplay, Tonbers are only featured in Silent Forest Zone 1, where they usually float in stationary positions in pairs or larger groups. When Sonic approaches them, they will float towards him in linear patterns while shooting laser beams down on the ground.

When confronted by the Tonbers, the player must avoid their lasers while either running around or grinding on Grind Rails. Because these Badniks fly out of the reach of attacks, Sonic cannot usually defeat the Tonbers in regular ways without getting damaged by their lasers.


  • Like many new enemies in Sonic Lost World, the Tonber's name has not been listen in any official source. Instead, it is referred to as "tonber" in the game's source code.


  1. In the games files this enemy is simply named "enm_tonber"

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