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Tommy Thunder[1] is a subject that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a film franchise starring the eponymous protagonist Tommy Thunder.


The Tommy Thunder film series includes a number of action movies featuring the martial arts action movie star Irwin Fertelmeister as the protagonist "Tommy Thunder". The series is critically acclaimed, having achieved renowned box office success. It has also grossed a vast fortune for its lead actor and boasts a group of faithful supporters on Seaside Island.[1] The series is also very ambitious, having aimed towards setting new standards for visual effects.[2] The series is so successful that many believe Irwin Fertelmeister, who is in truth a coward, to be an actual hero.[1]


TV series


The Tommy Thunder series rose to prominence some time in the past, garnering many fans with its numerous films. Mrs. Vandersnout in particular found the series so engaging that it saved her when she was deathly ill.[1]

Season one

The Tommy Thunder series eventually released one of its main entries: Jungle Fighter 3: Revenge of the Jungle Fighter.[3] The series' next action movie entry aimed towards breaking the standards for visual effects. Before this movie's release, it got brought up on the Comedy Chimp Show.[2]

Season two

The Tommy Thunder series would go on to produce about two additional movies after its star Tommy Thunder spent some time with local hero Sonic the Hedgehog.[1][4] When later shooting the big-budget action movie, Lord of the Things: Return of the Bling, the set, along with the movie's staff and actors, got buried in an avalanche. Much to the victims' fortune though, Team Sonic would come and save them.[5]

Feature films

  • Attack of the Giant Ant-People in Space[1]
  • Jungle Fighter 3: Revenge of the Jungle Fighter[6]
  • Lord of the Things: Return of the Bling[5]
  • Mutant Commando 3[1]
  • Ninja Ski Pirates on Haunted Mountain[1]
  • Tommy Thunder and the Rise of the Thunder King[1]
  • One unnamed film[4]


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