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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the film series, see Tommy Thunder (series).

But you're right, you know? Tommy Thunder's not a hero. Just a devilishly good-looking actor, number one box office draw, and rich beyond your wildest dreams. But not a hero like you guys.

— Tommy Thunder, "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor"

Irwin Fertelmeister[3] (stage name Tommy Thunder[2]) is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic tiger and a famous martial arts action movie star,[5] having starred as the protagonist in multiple movies from the eponymous Tommy Thunder film franchise.[3]

Concept and creation

The character of Tommy Thunder was created specifically for the plot of "Late Night Wars", an episode in the first season of Sonic Boom.[6] In the first pitch though, he was named "Johnny Thunder."[7]


Tommy Thunder is a tall and muscular anthropomorphic tiger. He has orange fur with white fur on his abdomen. He has brown stripes, including one over each eye which resemble eyebrows. He also has small, triangular brown ears with white inner ears, green eyes with slit-like pupils, white eyelids, a white muzzle with short cheek tuffs, a small black nose, noticeable fangs, and a thin tail with a white tuff. For attire, he wears a brown leather vest with torn-off sleeves, fingerless brown gloves with metal plates, spiked metal wrist armor on his right arm, white sportstape on his ankles, baggy ecru socks, and brown shoes with metal reinforcements. Sometimes, he also carries a brown, scabbard-like quiver with a cat-shaped golden buckle.

While following Sonic around, Tommy briefly wore the same attire as Sonic.


TV series


The star of the Tommy Thunder film series, Tommy has starred in several highly-acclaimed action movies. In time, he gained the reputation as a famous actor, humanitarian, and legitimate hero. While Tommy relished in his fame and fortune, he was never more than an actor though.[3]

Season one

Tommy on the Comedy Chimp Show.

Having starred in a new standard-breaking action movie, Tommy appeared on the Comedy Chimp Show (hosted by Knuckles) to promote his movie. During the interview however, Eggman attacked the studio, frightening Tommy, who barely dodged some lasers before Team Sonic came to help.[8]

Season two

Tommy begging Sonic to save him.

While at Meh Burger promoting his next movie, Tommy saw Team Sonic defeat Dr. Eggman and was inspired to follow Sonic around and observe his heroism for his next role. When Sonic refused his company, Tommy charmed Sonic's team into convincing Sonic for him when he could not. Tommy's method acting got on Sonic's nerves though, and when Team Sonic caught the Weasel Bandits, Tommy took credit for this. Overconfident about his "heroics", Tommy called out Eggman while on the Comedy Chimp Show for an interview, prompting Eggman to attack him with his robots. Showing his true colors, Tommy begged Sonic into saving him, but reverted to his old ways when Sonic covered for his cowardice by giving him credit for Eggman's defeat. However, he announced his hero studies as over.[3]

In time, Tommy Thunder would star in and finish another movie.[9] He later voted in a referendum for a new name for the Unnamed Village.[10] When Tails soon after seemingly proved Muckfoot's existence with a photo, Tommy would praise Tails as a hero and convince him to be a part of his new reality show Muckfoot Hunters. On the show, Tommy taught Tails about showbiz before the two of them caught a brief sight of "Muckfoot" (whom Tommy shot with an arrow).[11] Time passed, and Tommy eventually went to work on his next big film. While on the set, however, he and his crew got buried by an avalanche. Luckily, Tommy and his crew were saved by Tails before they froze to death.[12] Tommy would later work out at Knuckles' gym, during which he got knocked over by accident by D-Fekt, prompting Tommy to chide D-Fekt for his clumsiness. Unfortunately for Tommy though, D-Fekt soon returned and got payback at him.[13] Tommy soon after appeared in public to encourage the sales of his new video game. When Eggman took notice of this, Tommy let him in on how his game had made his public image better than ever. This inspired Eggman to publish his own game.[14]


An egomaniac by his own admission, Tommy's life of success, handsomeness and riches has left him with an inflated sense of self and over-the-top ego. He carries himself around in an overly confident manner and normally refers to himself in third person. This attitude makes him overconfident and self-delusional about his own accomplishments at times. He also tends to exaggerate, embellish or even lie for the sake of showmanship to make himself seem more talented or increase ratings. He is similarly very narcissistic, making extensive efforts to get all the praise for himself, whether he deserves it or not, all while without showing any remorse about it.[3]

Tommy prefers the lifestyle of a superstar, having shown subtle disgust about the mediocre parts of Meh Burger.[3] He also cares very much about ensuring his own success, like when he once encouraged his already-rapid fans to buy his merchandise as fast as possible.[14]

For all his self-admiration, Tommy has a peculiar sense of humility and honesty. He openly admits he is an egomaniac, nor a hero, and would even compliment Sonic on his cleverness when he used Tommy's own superficial quotes against him. When acknowledging his shortcomings though, Tommy will also mention his own real-life successes, thereby emphasizing them for greater effect.[3] Similarly, despite being a glory hog, Tommy will give others credit where it is due when they have helped him, although he tends to leave the noteworthy praise for himself.[3][11] Tommy is also by no means dull intelligent-wise, having demonstrated devious cunning by manipulating Team Sonic to his own benefit and setting people up so he can take their credit for himself.[3]

As a method actor, Tommy uses personal experiences to portray his roles. However, he takes this concept a little too far, namely by constantly asking questions and even imitating his character. This makes him annoying to others.[3]

Despite portraying himself as tough, Tommy is easily frightened and quite nervous in the face of imminent danger. When threatened, Tommy's macho appearance falls apart and he becomes a downright coward who will degrade himself without hesitation to convince others to save his skin, or freeze up and tremble in fear.[3][8]

Powers and abilities

Tommy is quite an accomplished actor. Not only can he portray himself as a fearless hero in spite of his cowardice, but he can also convince others to believe his fabricated stories. He also has some skills in manipulating people, often playing his targets right into his hands for his own benefits, like when he played Team Sonic so he could take credit for their heroics.[3]

Physically, Tommy is in top form, capable of lifting the same stone weights that the super-strong Knuckles uses for his workouts.[13] He is also a competent archer who can hit a target perfectly from several meters away.[11]


In terms of weapons, Tommy possesses a fairly standard medium-sized bow. He also carries with him a number of electrified arrows that can shock and burn their targets.[11]


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