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Tomatopotamus 2 is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a 2D action shooter video game and the most popular installment in the Tomatopotamus series. Due to containing Sparcium however, virtually all copies of the game have since been destroyed.[1]



Four players playing Tomatopotamus 2 at the same time.

Tomatopotamus 2 is a two-dimensional, side-scrolling multiplayer shooter in which two-to-four players control their own Tomatopotamus. All characters are able to fly through midair and can attack each other by shooting tomatoes. The objective of the game is to defeat the opposing players. The last player standing at the end is the winner.[1]

The game has at least 27 levels (the last of which have only been reached by Sonic and Knuckles) that the players pass through over the course of the game. These levels have their own themes, such as desert or underwater themes, and feature obstacles that move across the screen. Upon clearing a level, the players automatically cross over the next one without interrupting their gameplay. Each player has three lives and their own score (which are indicated by their respective icons and numbers on the top of the screen). Each time a character is hit by a shot from another character or a level obstacle, the player loses a life. Losing all three lives causes the player to lose and be eliminated from the game. Once a winner is declared, the players' scores will be saved on a high score menu.[1]


TV series


The most popular game in its franchise, Tomatopotamus 2 was released years ago. Team Sonic in particular would spent all their time playing it, with Sonic becoming its undisputed champion. However, because the Tomatopotamus 2 cartridges contained a microchip made of Sparcium, an alloy which proved more valuable than the cartridges themselves, virtually all existing copies of Tomatopotamus 2 were recalled and melted down.[1]

Season two

Finding a copy of Tomatopotamus 2 at the flea market, Sonic bought it for his team to play on. Feeling confident, Sonic promised everyone chili dogs if he lost. After fourteen hours, Knuckles won when a water level threw Sonic off. Team Sonic later sacrificed the game so Tails could use its Sparcium chip to fix FriendBot.[1]


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