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The game cartridge for Tomatopotamus 2.

Tomatopotamus is a subject that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a semi-popular video game franchise starring the fictional character Tomatopotamus.



The multiplayer function of Tomatopotamus 2.

Tomatopotamus is a series of video games where the player takes control of the series' central character, Tomatopotamus, a flying hippopotamus that can shoot tomatoes. The series is well-known for its 2D games which have earned it high acclaim. The series also has a number of less-than-well received 3D titles, with the series' titular character getting some controversial redesigns over time.[1]


TV series


When first released years ago, the Tomatopotamus series received high acclaim, its best installment proving to be Tomatopotamus 2.[1] The series also published a video game that shattered gender archetypes with the introduction of Ms. Tomatopotamus.[2] However, the series would experience several hardships as it developed, with fans calling the game company out for ruining the franchise. Some would criticize the series' 3D games for being unsuitable for such a format, while others would criticize the redesign of the series' titular character. Additionally, nearly all existing copies of Tomatopotamus 2 would be recalled for the Sparcium within them.[1]

Season two

Cruisin' 1955 Track 5 - My Babe

Team Sonic playing Tomatopotamus 2.

Remaining fans of the retro Tomatopotamus games, Team Sonic would get their hands on one of the few remaining Tomatopotamus 2 copies and play on it until they had to sacrifice it to fix FriendBot.[1]


  • The Tomatopotamus series and its decline is a reference to the Sonic the Hedgehog series, whose 3D games have been criticized for being mediocre and for having transitioned poorly from 2D to 3D gameplay.


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