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Thomas "Tom" Michael Wachowski is the deuteragonist of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the sheriff of Green Hills, who soon befriends Sonic the Hedgehog.


Tom is an average sized man with brown hair, peach skin, and blue eyes. Though Tom has a wide range of clothing, he can usually be seen wearing his beige police uniform.


Tom was born and raised in Green Hills, Montana. It's implied that he comes from a long line of police officers all native to Green Hills. At some point prior to the events in the film, Tom married Maddie and took on two jobs while Maddie attended veterinarian school. Upon deciding that he wanted to move out of Green Hills and pursue police work in bigger cities, he put in an application for a position in San Francisco, California.


Kind-hearted and hard-working, Tom actively pursues the chance to help other people and is dedicated to his duty as Green Hills' sheriff. He isn't afraid to get physical if the need arises and is protective of those he cares about. Despite his sharp tongue and an occasionally dark sense of humor, he's very sweet and gentle and frequently goes out of his way to assist others.

He dislikes boredom to the point that Green Hills' lack of action nearly drives him out of his hometown to pursue work in San Fransisco. Tom shows open skepticism when presented with a situation that seems odd or fabricated, such as when he first met Dr. Robotnik.





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