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Tobor is the son of Guardian Hawking and the father of Guardian Spectre. His tenure as Guardian was cut short by a battle with the Dark Legion under Moritori Rex, which resulted in both sustaining heavy wounds. Moritori was taken back to Echidnaopolis after being mistaken for Tobor, while Tobor ended up wandering on the surface of Mobius. He had his damaged eyes replaced with cybernetic implants, and would eventually return to Angel Island years later and meet his descendant Knuckles. After a battle with Dark Legion Grandmaster Kragok, he was trapped for some time in the Twilight Zone before escaping and ending up killing both Kragok and himself in a suicide attack on the Legion's Battle Cruiser.


Failure as a Guardian

Tobor was appointed Guardian of the Echidnas by his father Hawking after the city was brought to another dimension to save it from nuclear fallout. While his father began cleaning up the ruined island, Tobor watched over the inhabitants of Echidnaopolis. However, trouble soon arrived in the form of Moritori Rex, a Dark Legion Grandmaster who had discovered a means by which he and the Dark Legion could leave the Twilight Zone and launch a new offensive. Tobor engaged Moritori in personal combat, both of them then teleporting to Angel Island and suffering further injury due to an avalanche. Heavily wounded, Tobor was left buried and listened in horror as his father arrived and rescued who he thought was Tobor; but was in fact Moritori Rex. Unwittingly, Tobor had played right into a complex Dark Legion scheme that allowed Moritori to impersonate him for decades. Digging himself out and making his way to the surface of Mobius, Tobor wandered the planet for many years. His damaged organic eyes were eventually replaced with implants by a possible ancestor of Dr. Quack's.

Return from Wandering

Finally, years after his fateful battle, Tobor returned to Angel Island to find it much changed from the one he had known. Determined to reclaim his stolen life and settle accounts with the Dark Legion, he immediately attacked Julie-Su upon meeting her, but was then convinced to accompany her to see Knuckles. After telling his descendant his story, Tobor was received warmly by Knuckles, who left Tobor in the care of his mother Lara-Le while he went to interrogate Moritori Rex's grandson, Kragok, for information regarding the Legion plot.

Retribution and Death

When Tobor sensed the Twilight Zone opening as Knuckles and Kragok emerged from a battle there, he quickly arrived on the scene and flew into it, carrying Kragok with him and unknowingly preserving Moritori's cover for a short time.

He and Kragok remained there and fought each other until the Quantum Beam's second discharge-the first having sent everyone on Angel Island but the Dark Legion and Knuckles to the Twilight Zone-released them. Tobor, not fully understanding the situation, recognized only the Legion Battle Cruiser and decided then and there to attack. Kragok grabbed him, intent on finishing their battle, but Tobor grabbed him in turn and rammed them both into the cruiser. Tobor was killed, and was guided to the afterlife by the spirit of his recently dead father, Hawking.

He would later appear with other deceased Brotherhood members at Knuckles' funeral, some time before Knuckles returned from the afterlife.


As a youth, Tobor was determined to protect his family and people. He idolized his father Hawking, which made the switch with Moritori Rex all the more painful for him. Years spent wandering the surface made Tobor bitter, and for a time revenge was all that he wanted. However, upon returning to Angel Island and meeting Knuckles, he realized that what he wished for was to have his family back. Tobor remained firmly dedicated to his cause, perfectly willing to give his own life.


  • Unlike most Guardians, Tobor is not named for anyone or anything famous. Instead, his name is robot spelled backwards.

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