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Tobikoshi Crow (トビコシクロー Tobikoshikurō?) is an enemy that appears exclusively in the Tails' Skypatrol video game, available for the Sega Game Gear.


Based on crows, Tobikoshi Crows are mostly light blue with red ear lobes and a yellow beak. Their neck and stinger are gray.


In gameplay, Tobikoshi Crows will attack the player by dive-bombing into them, and then quickly retreat. In the later stages, the Tobikoshi Crows can shoot projectiles at the player. They are worth six hundred points when destroyed, and their projectiles are worth one hundred points apiece.


  • Despite the reputation Tails' Skypatrol has received, Sonic Tweet had made cards with character sprites from Tails Skypatrol. Tobikoshi Crow was on one of the cards.


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