Title Sonic and the Black Knight

The Title at the rank "Knave" and the number of followers required for the next Title.

Title is a popularity status that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It serves as a rank measuring the player's level as a knight in the game.


The player's title determines which beneficial factors and different Skills the player can use during Missions. By improving the player's title, the player is allowed to use more Skills (before that they will remain inactive), acquire better items and even receive more cheers from the townspeople during Missions.

To improve a player's title, the player must collect followers by completing Missions. Once the player has gained enough, the player's title will increase by changing name. The player's title and its status is immediately shown after the Result screen when clearing a Mission. On it, the player can see their current title rank and the amount of followers the player need to reach the next title. After clearing a Mission, the title is updated with the number of followers the player acquired.

List of Titles

Title Followers required
Knave 0
Loyal Page 200
Hardy Squire 500
Fearless Fighter 1000
Valiant Warrior 1500
Steadfast Swordsman 2500
Faithful Defender 5000
Honorable Blademaster 10000
Noble Champion 15000
Knight of the Round Table 25000

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