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This transformation exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Titan Tails is a transformation of Tails. This form is a super-powered entity that Tails achieved by fusing together with numerous parallel versions of himself, and is a result of a portion of the "Chosen One" prophecy.


When transformed into Titan Tails, Tails turns into a colossal and muscular version of himself. He has muscles showing on every part of his body, which also takes on a more humanoid shape. During the transformation, Tails loses his gloves and shoes, which burst due to his major increase in size.


The Titan Tails transformation only appeared once for the sole purpose of delivering a "final defeat" to Mammoth Mogul. Zonic the Zone Cop recruited all of the existing zones' version of Tails to stop Master Mogul from destroying the multiverse. In their individual forms, they were powerless against Mogul, but when Mogul tried to kill Tails after Sonic saved Tails from certain death, Tails, with spiritual support from Athair, merged with all of his counterparts to form Titan Tails. Titan Tails absorbed all of Mogul's power, and restored all of the zones while trapping Mogul in his own Chaos Emerald, as part of a trap set by the beings that composed the prophecy: the Ancient Walkers.

Powers and abilities

Titan Tails draining Master Mogul's power before using it to restore the multiverse.

Titan Tails possesses enormous amounts of power, exceeding even that of Master Mogul. In this form, Tails commands powerful cosmic energy, which he has been able to use as eye beams. Also, as a higher being, Titan Tails has greater knowledge of the universe's workings, and can manipulate the fabric of reality.

Titan Tails is also capable of absorbing the power of others and make them his own, such as when he absorbed Master Mogul's powers, before restoring other zones that Master Mogul destroyed. After taking away Master Mogul's powers, Zonic remarked that Titan Tails was the ultimate power in the multiverse, before Titan Tails gave it all up to restore reality.


  • Titan Tails was meant to be a closure to the Chosen One legend, though it does not quite match the whole "Uniting the Chaos Emeralds" and "Great Harmony" mentioned in the Tails Miniseries, though Tails would deal with these later, simply as Turbo Tails. Additionally, Mogul escaped upon the death of the Ancient Walkers, rendering the ordeal pointless. Despite this, memories of this battle linger, as Anti Tails mentioned the tale of "Chosen One."
  • When asked if he had plans for Titan Tails, writer Ian Flynn said no.
  • Titan Tails is one of the two transformations to have the characters burst out of their gloves due to their size, the other being Sonic the Werehog.

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