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The Titans[3][2][4] (巨神[5][6] kyoshin?, lit. "giant deity") are a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are colossal robots from the Starfall Islands, far stronger and larger than even Guardians and allegedly responsible for keeping Sonic's friends trapped in Cyber Space.[3][2]



The Titans were created by the Ancients, by the order of Master King,[7] to fend off The End if it ever came to earth. When the End arrived, Dragon, Snake, Tiger and Crane piloted the machines in an attempt to finally defeat it, but The End was too strong, even against the might of all four Titans.

As a last resort, Crane bound the entity to their Titan: Supreme and was then sealed inside of Cyber Space by the three other pilots. The remaining Titans fell into dormancy afterward.

Sonic Frontiers[]

Sage awakens the anger of Giganto, Wyvern, and Knight as Sonic travels across the Starfall Islands in an attempt to kill him, but he is able to defeat each of them as Super Sonic. After the destruction of the three Titans and the deactivation of the six towers on Rhea Island, Supreme (Along with The End, who is bound to it), is released from Cyber Space. Super Sonic is able to defeat it as well, but instead of being destroyed like the others, the only effect this defeat has is freeing The End from the titan.

This allows it to travel into space and assume its true form, prompting Sage to begin piloting it in order to assist Super Sonic in his battle, since it was stated by her that even Super Sonic was not strong enough to take it on. After flying through space and wearing down the entity with its rifle, Sage used Supreme to protect Super Sonic from a massive laser blast fired at him. She then hurled him at The End with the power of the Titan, causing him to pierce through its body and bring it close to death. However, The End tried to self-destruct in order to take out the planet as well as its opponents, prompting Sage to fly Supreme into it to absorb the explosion. It then detonated as it had planned to, destroying both itself and the Titan.

The Final Horizon[]

The Titans reappear in the Master King Koco's Trial, a boss rush of the three main Titans before the final fight. During this trial, Perfect Parry is introduced as the only way to parry attacks, as well as Super Sonic having 400 rings, and therefore 400 seconds, to defeat all three in a row with no refills. The Final Horizon also elaborates upon the Flashbacks shown in the base game, giving the names of the pilots and a look into their personalities as they interact with Sonic before and after their respective Trials.

As for the Supreme, it initially has the same role as in the main game, remaining dormant on Ouranos Island with The End trapped within.

After Super Sonic awakens and defeats it, The End is expelled but instead attaches a cable to the Supreme's neck, using the Titan as its "avatar", controlling it like a puppet, granting it cataclysmic new abilities as well as five extra arms. Despite the transforming Supreme's immense power, Sonic is able to harness his cyber corruption to become Super Sonic 2, disconnecting its regeneration and stealing its rifle. Sonic then launches Supreme into the sky before teaming up with Dr. Eggman to be shot from Supreme's rifle, becoming Super Sonic Cyber to instantly destroy both Supreme and The End.



Titans are giant robots[1][2] close to two times the height of Asura. They are mainly metallic in color, covered in black, white and gray, and with bright red lights, some resembling eyes, all over their bodies.

According to Sage, the shape of each Titan references to the other four tribes of the Ancients, which had perished before the remaining survivors escape to earth and to honor and avenge their fallen comrades.[8]

Powers and Abilities[]

Sage can prompt their aggression for the purposes of destroying Sonic,[9][2] but cannot fully control them.

Outside of this, each Titan has a variety of unique abilities. Thanks to their size they naturally have incredible strength, capable of striking the ground with enough force to knock back anything and cannot be defeated without the aid of the Chaos Emeralds' power.[10][2]


Concept artwork[]





  • Chaos' forms are based on the three Ancient tribes:
    • Tribe with big, powerful bodies - Chaos 2.
    • Tribe with a tail instead of legs - Chaos 4.
    • Tribe that walked on four legs - Chaos 6.

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