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My dad isn't really crazy, just old. He'll be glad to see me, I know.

— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Timothy (ティモシー Timoshī?) is a character and quest item in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. He can be found in the eastern area of Blue Ridge Zone.


By Timothy's father's request, Sonic and his team came to save his son, who fell into a well. However, it turned out that Timothy was not in danger at all. It was his job to seal cracks and keep animals out of the well. However, since Timmy was more or less finished with the well, he asked Sonic for help to get to his father.


  • Early designs shows that both Timothy and his father were originally going to be anthropomorphic echidnas, but this idea was later scrapped.
  • Timothy's nickname ("Timmy") and the well he fell into are references to the famous "Timmy fell down a well" storyline from Lassie.




  1. Official in-game description.

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