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The Time Stones are objects that that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are six mystical stones that lie dormant on the satellite Miracle Planet which orbits Mobius and have the power to control time.[1]


The Time Stones have the power to control time itself, making their wielder unstoppable.[1] They likewise allow their wielder to move through the passage of time (although moving at super speed seems to be a requirement to use them this way).[2]


The Time Stones are said to be hidden somewhere on the Miracle Planet. Rumors also said that Dr. Robotnik wanted to find them so he could control time and become unstoppable.[1]


Sonic travels back in time with a Time Stone, from Sonic the Comic #28. Art by Richard Elson.

During a bizarre time paradox, Robotnik somehow located a Time Stone, and used it for a machine that cyberformed the entire Miracle Planet. Later, after Sonic had chased Metallix to the Miracle Planet in order to rescue Amy Rose, Sonic received the Time Stone from a version of himself from the future. He used it to travel back to a time to before the planet had been cyberformed, although the Time Stone disappeared when he did so. He retrieved a past version of the Time Stone from Robotnik's machine, destroying it in the process, then travelled forward in time again to give the Time Stone to his past self (who then travelled back in time, as part of a closed loop). After Sonic's past version had left, the machine's effect on the Miracle Planet disappeared, as did Metallix. Neither the Time Stone's origin, nor its eventual fate after its disappearance, were revealed.[3][2]


Litterally a Time Stone

The Time Stone used by Sonic.

  • There is some inconsistencies about the Time Stones' appearance. Whereas the Time Stones that appeared in the back-up strip of Sonic the Comic #25 appeared as multi-coloured gemstones (as in Sonic the Hedgehog CD), the one used by Sonic looked like a normal, oval-shaped grey stone, although it glowed when it was used.

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