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The Time Stones are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. They are a pair of mystical stones which hold the power to travel through time.


The Time Stones are two red jewels embedded as eyes in a brown owl-shaped mask which can be split down the middle. When harnessed, they allow their wielders to travel through time and space. For them to work, two wielders must synchronize their thoughts by concentrating on the same time and location they want to go. If one falters, it will result in a mislocation.[1]


For an unprecedented time, the Time Stones have resided in the Floating Island's temple, only to be accessed by defeating the temple guards and answering the riddle of the Keeper of the Time Stones. However, many on Mobius believed these relics to be only a myth.[1]

The first to reach the Time Stones were Sonic and Princess Sally who used them to go back to before Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis in an attempt to stop Robotnik's uprising from happening. This attempt ultimately failed as Sonic did not keep his mind on the exact date, making them arrive too late, and they used the Time Stones to go home. However, Sally was able to get the original Roboticizer plans and save her nanny Rosie from being roboticized in the future.[1][2]

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