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Tikal is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is the daughter of Pochacamac and a member of the Ancient Echidnas who fought against the Drakon Empire for control of the Chaos Emeralds 8,000 years ago.


Tikal was born to Pochacamac and lived in the period in history where the Drakon Empire had taken over the Echidnas' sacred Emerald mines and obtained the emeralds therein. These emeralds were then used by the Drakons as vessels for their own developed, yet unstable, energy source called chaos energy, as the emeralds proved to be ideal containers for it, creating the seven Chaos Emeralds. Tikal's father, however, defied the Drakons and took the Chaos Emeralds back to keep the Drakons from syphoning the chaos energy into thousands of emeralds to conquer the galaxy, leading to Tikal and her tribe sparking a war with the Drakon Empire.

At some point, Tikal's father had a vision of a champion from the future named Sonic the Hedgehog that would become the sworn enemy of the Drakon. Fearing the danger the Drakons posed, Tikal used the recently stole Chaos Emeralds to go to the future and brought Sonic to her time period. Due to her inexperience however, Tikal accident brought herself and Sonic in front of a stampede of Kohenyu that was hunted by echidnas, but she was brought to safety by Sonic. There, Tikal told Sonic that he had to trust her despite the circumstances, before she had to talk with Knuckles from that time. No sooner, though, they met a Drakon Prosecutor.[1]

While Tikal assured Sonic that Knuckles could handle the Drakon Prosecutor, Sonic stepped in and defeated it. Returning to Megaopolis City, Tikal brought Sonic to Pochacamac. Soon after, however, they came under attack by the Drakon, and Tikal hurried out upon her father's orders to bring in the Drakon Prosecutor Sonic had defeated to negotiate for a compromise with the Drakon Empire. Shortly after Tikal brought the Drakon, however, Megaopolis City was overrun by Drakon soldiers, and in the insuring battle, the Chaos Emeralds were struck by an energy beam, causing the captured Drakon Prosecutor to be doused in chaos energy and transforming into Chaos.[2][3]

Despite being confused that Sonic recognized Chaos, Tikal knew this would be the beginning of the Great War. Having glimpsed the future, Tikal asked Sonic if the echidnas were alive in his time, but got little from him. When Sonic was about to be killed by Chaos, Tikal pleaded for her father's help, and Pochacamac returned Sonic to his own time.

Some time later, the echidnas managed to drive the Drakons out of Megaopolis City. There, Tikal worried about Sonic's well-being since Pochacamac's way of sending him back was risky, but was told that it was the only way to save him.[4]

Powers and abilities

As a special ability running through her family, Tikal is gifted with the power of precognition, allowing her to catch glimpses of things that has yet to occur.

Tikal is able to harness and manipulate chaos energy. Though her skills on this field is unclear, she has enough skills to use chaos energy to travel through time alone and with others.

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