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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Tikal (Archie).

Tikal is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and spin-offs. She is the spirit of an ancient Mobian echidna and daughter of Chief Pachacamac. She was a member of the Knuckles Clan who colonized an area of Soumerca known as the País Misterioso. Tikal was responsible for imprisoning Chaos within the Black Emerald, at the cost of having to imprison herself as well. She later assisted Knuckles the Echidna and others in defeated Chaos when he was liberated by Dr. Eggman Following this, she along with Chaos and the Seven Server Chao returned to their own zone within the Black Emerald.


Tikal was once an orange-furred Echidna girl with cobalt eyes, physically about 14-years old at the time of her demise. During those years, she wore a tanktop-like garment which revealed her midriff and the traditional tribal dress with beige, green, and red triangular patterns. As a sign of her lineage, she wore a golden necklace and tiara-like band atop her forehead, both of which were decorated with a blue jewel in the center. Her white gloves were adorned with thick, cobalt-blue bracelets around her wrists, and she wore white-strapped sandals. Her dreadlocks were also wrapped with similar white bandages.

In her spiritual form, she appeared either as a bright pink orb of light which hovered in the air, or as a full-bodied apparition resembling her once-physical self.


Early life

Tikal was born hundred of years ago to Pachacamac, leader of the warrior caste of Echidnas from Albion. During her upbringing, Tikal followed her grandmother's teaching in her pacifist beliefs.[1]

Tikal and her caste were a part of the Second Downunda Colony who departed from Albion to colonize Mobius and spread Echidna culture. They eventually arrived in Soumerca where they made their settlement in País Misterioso while Tikal was still very young, but ran afoul with the hostile natives, the Felidae. Tikal's caste, who became the Knuckles Clan, and the sciences caste that became the Nocturnus Clan, remained behind for to fight for their settlement while the other colonists left, but Tikal's clan soon began fighting the Nocturnus Clan as well.[2][3]

Tikal befriending

Tikal befriending Chaos.

Many years after the war began, Tikal was exploring the Mystic Ruins with her father when they discovered a Chao Garden supported by seven Chaos Emeralds, which was home to Chao and resting place for the Ancient Onyx. Shortly after, as Pachacamac left to fight the Felidae, Tikal curiously sought out the Chao and earned the trust of both them and their guardian Chaos thanks to her gentle nature.[1][3]

When the war against the Felidae and the Nocturnus Clan was going against the Knuckles Clan, Tikal's father sought to harness the Chaos Emeralds at the Chao Garden to win the war. Refusing to let the Chao to get involved in the war, Tikal tried to stop his father. However, Pachacamac ignored Tikal and charged into the garden. Enraged by this, Chaos used the Chaos Emeralds' power to wipe the Knuckles Clan out, except for Tikal. Realizing that Chaos had been corrupted when protecting its family, Tikal and the seven powerful Chao known as the Servers sought to stop it. Eventually discovering Chaos' weakness, Tikal sealed Chaos inside a Zone in the Ancient Onyx along with her own spirit, while the Servers transformed into the Super Emeralds.[3][4]

Release and aiding the heroes

Tikal Released

Tikal escaping from the Ancient Onyx.

Over the next centuries, Tikal remained within the Ancient Onyx with Chaos, trying to sooth its anger. Eventually, Tikal and Chaos were released from the Ancient Onyx by Dr. Eggman, who sought to use Chaos to destroy Station Square and conquer the world. After Eggman had open the Ancient Oynx, Tikal got through Eggman's forces unnoticed as a small orb. Realizing the danger Chaos presented to the world if it reached full power, Tikal sought out the help of Knuckles the Echidna.[5]

Tikal leaves

Tikal leaving with Chaos for their own Zone.

Finding Knuckles, Tikal showed him the history of Chaos and herself and told him why she needed him.[5] Tikal then worked with Knuckles to keep Dr. Eggman from getting the Super Emeralds by leading him to where he was needed.[4] When it appeared that Chaos was defeated however, it returned and managed to obtain the seven Super Emeralds, transforming into Perfect Chaos and began destroying Station Square. During this rampage, Tikal came to Sonic and showed him visions of Chaos' past, before appearing to him, Knuckles and the Knothole Freedom Fighters in her original form. Opting to defeat Chaos without destroying it, Tikal performed an ancient ritual that weakened Perfect Chaos enough for her to suck the Super Emeralds out of it and passed them onto Sonic, who used their positive Chaos energy to transform into Super Sonic.[6] Following an intense battle, Perfect Chaos was returned to its uncorrupted base form and the Servers emerged from Chaos. Praising the heroes for their work, Tikal teleported herself, Chaos and the Servers back to their Zone in the Ancient Onyx to rest in peace.[7]

Worlds Collide

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, Tikal's history from this point were changed to be nearly identical to that of her game counterpart's.

When the Prime Zone's timeline was altered by the second Genesis Wave, Tikal's history was slightly altered as well. In this timeline, much like the original, Tikal aided Sonic in his battle against Chaos.[8] Sonic tried to undo the Genesis Wave, but his attempt was interrupted by Dr. Eggman, resulting in Tikal's history being slightly altered.

Note: From this point, Tikal's history continues from her new life in the altered timeline.


As opposed to her clan of warriors, Tikal is a devout pacifist and a gentle spirit. She severely opposes violence and greed, and abhors fighting, and will attempt to sway people away from their destructive paths peacefully. While she abhors fighting, Tikal is a strong defender of truth and peace, and is not above helping others fight to protect the world.

Despite her people's warlike ways, Tikal loved her people deeply and tried to talk them out of the violent ways. When she failed, Tikal became determined to insure that no one else to come to suffer under Chaos' wrath. Also, despite Chaos' hostile and violent nature after its corruption, she continued to consider it a friend, and wanted nothing more than to calm its anger so that it could find peace.

Powers and abilities

The full extend of Tikal's abilities is unknown, though she presumably possesses a connection to the Chaos Force, which gives her a range of mystical abilities. With these skills, Tikal can give other visions, make herself and others levitate, teleport herself and others to different locations, and as well seal herself and Chaos within the Black Emerald. She is also able to perform an ancient ritual named after her, Tikal's Prayer, to weaken Perfect Chaos enough for her to suck the Super Emeralds out of it.

Tikal is the only known person so far who is able to communicate with and understand Chaos' language.


  • During her appearances in the comics, Tikal's design was fairly inconsistent with her game counterpart's. In her first appearance in the comics, Tikal's fur was red and later tan-pink in the other issues, while her eyes were constantly green. On her first appearance, she also had a full head of hair and bangs on her forehead, but it was only in that issue. Also, her design in the flashbacks changes from a design similar to her game counterpart, to a version with a different hairstyle and attire, and no forehead jewelry. In her more recent appearances, Tikal's design is more like her game counterpart, but with different footwear.
  • Tikal's name is misspelled as "Tical" in multiple instances, such as in Sonic the Hedgehog #83, #84, Sonic Super Special #13, and the letter pages for Sonic Super Special #15.
  • Tikal is one of the two female echidnas in the comics without a hyphenated name (the other being Shade). This is because her name comes from the video games, which did not apply the hyphenated name formula in the comics.

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