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Tikal citing her prayer.

Tikal's Prayer is a reoccurring quotation in the anime series Sonic X. It is an ancient chant from the Knuckles Clan which is used when tapping into the power of the Master Emerald.


Tikal's Prayer is a mantra which has been used exclusively by the echidnas of the Knuckles Clan. It is often used by the clan to draw out the full potential of the Master Emerald's power. The prayer has many variations, although its most recognizable version is as following:

Quotation1 The seven Chaos Emeralds are the servers... Our hearts intensify their power... The controller serves to unify the chaos! Quotation2

Tikal's Prayer describes the relationship between the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald and their users. "The seven Chaos Emeralds are the servers" refers to the seven Chaos Emeralds; "Our hearts intensify their power..." refers to the Emeralds' chaos energy and their ability to turn people's thoughts into power; and "The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos" refers to the Master Emerald and its ability to control the Chaos Emeralds.[1]




Tikal's Prayer was known to exist many generations ago, but its origins are unknown. Tikal was a practitioner of this chant, which she seemingly learned from the Master Emerald itself after coming into contact with the massive gem for the first time.[1] When Chaos went on a rampage, Tikal used the prayer to contain Chaos and herself within the Master Emerald.[2]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Knuckles first heard a part of Tikal's Prayer during a vision given to him by the red Chaos Emerald,[3] inspiring him to make a risky alliance with Dr. Eggman to get back to his world.[4]

Chaos Saga

During Dr. Eggman's agenda with Chaos, Tikal's Prayer was heard by Knuckles and Sonic during the visions Tikal showed them about her and Chaos' past to stop Chaos from wrecking havoc on Earth.[1][2]

Shadow Saga


Knuckles using Tikal's Prayer on the Space Colony ARK.

While onboard the Space Colony ARK, Knuckles used Tikal's Prayer in order to call upon the Master Emerald to nullify the power of the Chaos Emeralds and prevent the ARK from crashing into Earth.[5]

Metarex Saga

During the war against the Metarex, Knuckles would often use Tikal's Prayer to make the Master Emerald provide a power boost for the Blue Typhoon, a spaceship which the gem served as the power source of.

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