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The fact that you could overcome my designs is... inconceivable. I need more data. Help me understand just what you are!

— Tiger, Sonic Frontiers

Tiger[1] ( Tora?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They were a heroic Ancient who piloted the Titan Knight in a battle with The End.


Tiger was an Ancient with glowing eyes, claw-like hands with three fingers on each hand, two fingers on each foot, and two long protrusions at the back of their head. They had small spikes on their hips and shoulders which slanted slightly upwards. Like the other Ancients, their translucent torso contained a glowing Koco as some sort of good-luck charm.



Tiger was one of many Ancients who fled the destruction of their home world when it was attacked by an intergalactic entity known as The End. Tiger settled on the Starfall Islands on earth when the Chaos Emeralds powering their ships were drawn to the planet by a larger gem.

Some time after their arrival on the islands, The End followed the Ancients to earth and began its attacks on the planet. In an attempt to defeat their enemy, the Ancients constructed four powerful manned machines powered by the Chaos Emeralds called Titans. Tiger helped in the creation of the machines and was among those chosen to command one of them, dubbed Knight, as they were protégé to the Ancients greatest hero and leader of the pilots, Crane.

Tiger and the other three pilots flew their Titans into space to confront The End. Despite their best efforts, the pilots were unable to defeat their enemy and as a last resort, Crane sacrificed themself by pulling and trapping The End inside their Titan, Supreme. Crane's death, however, was not in vain, as Tiger and the other two pilots were able to seal Supreme and The End inside Cyber Space, where they remained trapped for thousands of years.

Sonic Frontiers[]

On Chaos Island, Sonic the Hedgehog had a vision of Tiger during their battle with The End after he defeated Knight. Some time later, on Rhea Island, Sonic had a vision of Tiger and other Titan pilots fighting The End as he unsealed the six towers dotting the landscape.

The Final Horizon[]

Tiger appeared on top of the third Trial Tower on Ouranos Island. Tiger was surprised that Sonic was able to defeat the Titans they helped construct and pitted Sonic against their trial in the hopes of understanding him. After Sonic completed their trial, Tiger noted that they still couldn't understand Sonic's power, but was still fascinated by his great potentional.


Very little is known about Tiger, but being one of the Ancients involved in the design and construction of the Titans suggests they were very intelligent and a skilled inventor. Being responsible for piloting one of the Titans also implies they were very skilled and respected among their people. Tiger displays an analytical mind; when faced with something they considered inconceivable, they wished to study it in the hopes of understanding it.





  • Tiger shares some similarities to Miles "Tails" Prower, both are shown to be very intelligent and capable of creating complex machinery. Additionally, Tiger was protege to Crane in a similar manner to how Tails is Sonic the Hedgehog's sidekick.
    • When Crane sacrificed themself in order to trap The End, it's Tiger who took charge to follow through with their plan. This parallels the moment in Sonic Adventure 2 after Sonic's apparent death when Tails resolved to continue fighting Dr. Eggman and fulfill Sonic's wishes.
  • Tiger's name corresponds with their Titan, Knight, and the fallen Ancient tribe it was designed to honor, as said tribe have four legs.[2]
    • Additionally, all four Titan pilots are named after creatures that are important to Chinese culture.


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