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Quotation1 If there is one thing that rings true to my heart, it's that doing nothing while evil exists is the worst crime of all. I will fight it as long as there is breath in me. Quotation2
— Col. Tig Stripe, Sonic the Hedgehog #142

Colonel Tig Stripe is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. He was a mobian tiger who was a former colonel in the Acorn Kingdom Army. He was the leader of the Original Freedom Fighters.


During Dr. Ivo Robotnik's coup d'état, Tig Stripe took it upon himself to rally the citizens who had not been captured by SWATbots and lead them out of the city to the safety of Knothole. After Robotnik had succeeded in taking over Mobotropolis, Tig organized the original Freedom Fighter group to strike back in any way possible.[1]

Realizing that there was no way the free Mobians could fight a full-scale war, Tig instead had his group raid various factories for supplies, use guerrilla warfare tactics and sabotage to weaken Robotnik's regime. His campaign against Dr. Robotnik came to an end when he was betrayed by Trey Scales - a member of the Freedom Fighters - and roboticized with the rest of his command, all of whom were banished to the Zone of Silence. Despite this, Tig Stripe left a big impression on Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn, who went on to form the Knothole Freedom Fighters.[2]


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