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Thunder dragons are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a subspecies of dragon resembling lightning bolts and are a part of the fauna in the world of Camelot. They can be found in Dragon's Lair where they leave a path of electricity that can be walked upon when they are fleeing.



Compared to the Mist Dragon and Earth Dragon, the thunder dragons are quite small, only a few meters long or shorter. They look exactly like white-yellow, arrow-shaped lightning bolts with a snapping mouth on the front, making it impossible to tell if they are creatures surrounded in electricity or living plasma.

Characteristics and culture

The thunder dragons exclusively live in the depths of Dragon's Lair where they make their nests inside spiky yellow crystals. While quite harmless, the thunder dragons are very shy and distant, fleeing the instant someone gets too close to them or their nest. Also, like a lightning bolt, they move in a zigzag pattern.

Powers and abilities

The thunder dragons can fly and are immensely fast, easily keeping up with Sonic and the Knights of the Round Table's speed. As their name implies, they have limited electrokinetic abilities which let them create a trail of electricity. These trails do not inflict harm and can be stood on, but will fade after a short while.


Sonic running on a thunder dragon's trail, from Sonic and the Black Knight.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, thunder dragons are only encountered in Dragon's Lair, where they will pop out of their nests when the player approaches them, leaving an electric trail in their wake. These trails can be used by the player as narrow paths across bottomless pits. The trails do not last very long, so if the player does not move quickly, the trail will vanish underneath them and the characters will fall into the bottomless depths below. Enemies, usually yellow Fish-Ones, will appear on the trails, making it more difficult to reach the end in time as the player usually needs to defeat them before they can continue.

Thunder dragons always move across the gaps in sections. Once the player gets close to them, they move away and extend their trail closer to the other side of the gap.




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