Thunder Shoot (サンダーシュート) is the basic attack move of Flight Formation in Sonic Heroes, used by Tails, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit, and Charmy Bee. Flight Formation sees the Teams arrange themselves in a three-man tower, with the flight character keeping them aloft.


Pressing B, ☐, or X (depending on console of play) sees the leader punt one of their allies forwards like they're kicking a football, (somehow) conferring upon them a crackling shield which sends them homing in against enemies.


Every time the flight-type character gets a Power Core this move will level up in power. The levels of power are as follows:

Level 0 - The attack will only stun enemies and the target will recover from the stun after a short time. Can only hit one target.

Level 1 - Thunder Shoot will damage the target by one hit point and stun the target for a slightly longer time. Possible to hit two targets.

Level 2 - Thunder Shoot has a slight chance to destroy target. If not destroyed, the stun effect will last a long time. Can hit multiple targets.

Level 3 - Thunder Shoot will destroy target unless the target is armored. Can hit all targets within shooting range. The move also draws in rings.

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