Thunder Shoot (サンダーシュート Sandāshūto?) is one of the Fly Formation maneuvers used by Tails, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit, and Charmy Bee in Sonic Heroes. When using this technique, the team's Fly Type member launches teammates like cannonballs towards enemies.


When performing Thunder Shoot, the Fly Type member of the team punts one of the team members currently holding onto the Fly member's legs forward, like the Fly Member is kicking a football. In the process, the launched team member is conferred in a cracking shield of electricity and homes onto an enemy. Once the launched team member makes contact with an enemy, the enemy in question will become unable to move, and as well take damage if the Thunder Shoot was powerful enough, while the team member returns to his/hers position in the team formation.

To perform Thunder Shoot in gameplay, the player must have the playable team in Fly Formation and have at least one other team member present. The player then has to press the Attack button (PSSquareButton/XboxX/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO) to launch the team mates at enemies. It can be used while either on the ground or air. For as long as the player has other team members present, the player can continue to use Thunder Shoot in succession. However, if there are no team members present at all, the Thunder Shoot will fail.


By collecting yellow Power Cores during gameplay, the player can increase the power, effect and radius of the Thunder Shoot. The levels of power are as follows:

  • Level 0: Thunder will only stun enemies and the target will recover from the stun after a short time. It can only hit one target.
  • Level 1: Thunder Shoot will damage the target by one hit point and stun the target for a slightly longer time. It can possibly hit two targets during one shot.
  • Level 2: Thunder Shoot has a slight chance of destroying the target. If not destroyed, the stun effect will last a long time. It can hit multiple targets.
  • Level 3: Thunder Shoot will destroy target unless the target is armored and inflict stun. It can hit all targets within shooting range and draw in nearby Rings.


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