Shuffle thruthetunnel

Thru the Tunnel

Thru the Tunnel (トンネル通過 Ton'neru tsūka?, lit. "Tunnel passage") is an Accidents Mini-Game for Riot Train in Sonic Shuffle.


In Thru the Tunnel, all four players start out on the last car of a train and the object is to run to the first car. Press up with the motion controls to move forward and down to duck under obstacles; press DreamcastA to jump to grab Rings. As the race continues, the back cars start to come off. Hitting an obstacle will set the characters back a few feet. If the characters are hanging off the end of a car, repeatedly press DreamcastA to climb back on.

The person who reaches the front car first wins twenty Rings. Anyone still in the race at that time win ten Rings while anyone that fell off loses ten Rings. If everyone fell off, no one loses rings.

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