Thrill of the Feel is the debut album of Crush 40. It was released under the band's original name Sons of Angels by Victor Entertainment for the Japanese market.[1] The album contains all of the tracks that the band recorded for Sega's arcade game NASCAR Arcade, which came out the same year, and a bonus track, "Open Your Heart", the main theme of Sonic Adventure.

Track list

  1. "The Star Spangled Banner"
  2. "Dangerous Ground"
  3. "Into The Wind"
  4. "Fill It Up"
  5. "Revvin' Up"
  6. "Rush Into the Crazy World"
  7. "In the Lead"
  8. "Watch Me Fly"
  9. "On the Road Again"
  10. "Fuel Me"
  11. "When the Sun Goes Down"
  12. "All The Way"
  13. "Open Your Heart" (Bonustrack)


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