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Three Minutes or Less

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"Three Minutes or Less"[3] is the ninety-seventh episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 18 April 2017 in France and on 30 September 2017 in the United States.


Sonic becomes a delivery boy for Meh Burger, guaranteeing he'll make all deliveries in under 3 minutes, but Dr. Eggman gets in the way.[4]



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It is a beautiful day on Seaside Island, and Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles are in Amy's House watching Marsupial Crime Unit on the television. As Sonic talks about his enjoyment of the show's main character, a commercial from Meh Burger featuring Comedy Chimp appears on the TV. In it, Comedy Chimp announces to the viewers that Meh Burger now delivers take-out to the customers, and that their orders will be free if not delivered in thirty minutes or less. This prompts Sonic to call Meh Burger on the telephone and order four titular Meh Burgers for the gang. Although Team Sonic expect their order to arrive within the allotted time, they find nothing arriving at Amy's House as time passes. Eventually, Tails begins building a house of cards while Amy watches Sonic and Knuckles compete at thumb wrestling, arm wrestling, and regular wrestling.

Three hours later, Dave the Intern finally arrives at the door with their order, now cold. While Sonic is displeased at the time it took Dave to arrive, he takes solace in knowing that the order is free. As Dave prepares to depart, he leaves Sonic with a comment card and asks him to be dishonest and give him a positive review. On the back of this card, Sonic notices that a focus group is going to meet up tomorrow to review Meh Burger's delivery service, which Amy is excited about. The next day, Team Sonic joins the focus group at Meh Burger. At the helm of the group is D.B. Platypus, who asks them to rate Meh Burger's delivery service from "remarkable" to "exemplary". Thinking it is a joke, Sonic boasts that he could handle the deliveries in three minutes or less. Hearing this from behind a one-way mirror, Mr. Slate makes his entrance and offers Sonic a job at Meh Burger. Sonic blatantly refuses to work there, even if Mr. Slate pays him. Having no plans to pay Sonic for his service however, Mr. Slate instead offers him a free chili dog for every successful delivery. This offer prompts Sonic to agree to Mr. Slate's proposal.

After receiving his Meh uniform from Dave, Sonic receives his first delivery. Dave warns Sonic that the customers are cheapskates, but Sonic proves him wrong by delivering the order in less than a second and returning with tips. After finishing his complementary chili dogs, Sonic receives three additional deliveries. Sonic quickly takes off and arrives at his first stop: the Old Monkey's house. There, the elderly simian wastes Sonic's time by looking for his billfold (which he happened to have in his hands). For his next delivery, Sonic finds himself (much to his confusion) bringing a Meh Meal for two to Amy's. Greeting Sonic at the door, Amy invites Sonic inside her house where she has set up a romantic dinner table while explaining that she had ordered the meal for the two of them, having hoped that Sonic could take a break from work and eat with her. Flustered, Sonic agrees to it. Being pressed for time, however, Sonic eats his burger in a flash and takes off, much to Amy's disappointment. Despite these delays, though, Sonic brings the deliveries to their buyers with time to spare, thus earning himself a plate of chili dogs. However, Dave tells Sonic the chili dogs are non-transferable when he tries to share them with his friends, leaving Sonic (who is not too upset about it) to eat them on his own.

Later at Eggman's lair, Dr. Eggman is getting ready to watch Hedgehog Abbey with some sandwiches prepared by Orbot and Cubot when a commercial from Meh Burger featuring Sonic appears on TV. In it, Sonic promises delivers from Meh Burger in three minutes or less, or the orders will be free. When Orbot and Cubot then arrived with Eggman's meal, the doctor knocks the plate away and announces he now wants a Meh Burger, delivered to him by Sonic. Even more so, he wants Sonic to be late with his delivery so he can get it for free and enjoy Sonic's humiliating over failing his own delivery policy.

When Sonic arrives at Eggman's lair with the doctor's order, Eggman fakes that the order is missing stuff, all so Sonic will waste time going back to Meh Burger. However, Sonic counters all his bluffs with lightning-fast corrections. Back at Meh Burger later on, Sonic is sent out on a delivery, but returns when the address he is given turns out to be non-existent. Sitting nearby, Eggman accidentally reveals himself to be behind this prank order to Sonic when he giggles. Confronting Eggman, Sonic makes the doctor pay up. Had enough, Eggman returns to his lair where he shows Orbot and Cubot his plan to for absolute chaos. Although the plan basically just involves Eggman attacking Sonic when he leaves Meh Burger to delay him, Eggman tells his unimpressed lackeys that there is more to it.

Back at Meh Burger, Sonic is given three deliveries to three different parts of Seaside Island. Dave doubts Sonic can handle that in three minutes, but Sonic is not worried. Upon leaving Meh Burger however, Sonic gets attacked by Bee Bots, Crab Bots and Eggman in his Eggmobile. Fortunately for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy arrive on the scene and hold off the Badniks. As Sonic makes his escape, Eggman chases after him in the Eggmobile, but crashes into a tree. Sonic's first delivery soon after takes him to Gogoba Village (where it is revealed that Orbot was the one who placed the order). Sonic hands the order over to the Gogoba Chief, who accepts it despite the circumstances, but also guilt-trips Sonic into dividing the meal among the Gogobas and giving him a discount. Sonic subsequently runs through the Village Center on his way to deliver the next order, but encounters both Eggman and Obliterator Bot, who has taken Fastidious Beaver and Leroy the Turtle hostage in a cage. His confidence not wavering, Sonic spills mayo on the windshield of the Eggmobile. As Eggman tries to rub it off, he loses control of his Eggmobile and accidentally shoots down Obliterator Bot and his hostages' cage, thus allowing Leroy and Fastidious to escape. After that, Sonic arrives at Eggman's secret underground bunker. Inside it is Cubot, who refuses to open the door and stalls Sonic with meaningless chat. Losing patience, Sonic knocks down the door and makes Cubot pay for the delivery.

With only one minute left before his deadline, Sonic arrives at Eggman's lair to deliver the last order, only to be met by almost every robot Eggman has created. From inside his lair, Eggman gloats to Sonic about his impending victory, but Sonic is certain he can make his way through all the robots and penetrate the lair's defense in time. However, Sonic soon finds himself short on time and starts looking for a way into the lair, where he spots Orbot and Cubot entering the lair through a secret tunnel. Inside the lair, Eggman is ecstatic about how he has beaten Sonic, as he only has a few seconds left. However, in the last second, Sonic arrives before Eggman, much to the doctor's grief. Hearing that Sonic followed Orbot and Cubot through his tunnel, Eggman turns his anger to lackeys, who defend themselves by saying that he had to take the tunnel since there was a battle outside. Regardless, Sonic has Eggman pay up and leaves him to eat in pity.

As thanks for his outstanding work, Mr. Slate awards Sonic with extra chili dogs. After eating them however, Sonic starts to feel ill. Realizing he has had too much of a good thing, Sonic decides to quit his job, something which Dave is not upset about. A new commercial featuring Comedy Chimp airs soon after, where Comedy Chimp announces Meh Burger's new delivery policy: you get it when you get it.



  • In Sonic's Meh Burger commercial, Stunt Bear No. 1 can be seen moving its lips as it if is talking, despite this character having been established as a regular animal incapable of speech.
  • In the scenes where Eggman's lineup of robots at his lair is shown, a piece of Seaside Island can be spotted on the right side of the screen.
  • During the part where Sonic smiles at his ten chili dogs, one of the chili dogs at the bottom row is missing.
  • Tail's card tower reuses the same seven cards over and over.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French En moins de trois minutes In less than three minutes
Italian Solo tre minuti Just three minutes
Polish Błyskawiczna dostawa Instant delivery
Portuguese (Brazil) Três Minutos ou Menos Three Minutes or Less
Portuguese (Portugal)
Spanish (Latin America) En tres minutos o menos In three minutes or less
Russian Три минуты Three minutes


  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on 16 September 2017 in the United States.[3] However, due to production issues, its air date got postponed and replaced with a rerun of "Vector Detector".[6]
  • As Bill Freiberger did not yet have access to the episode's title card, he instead released a screenshot on Twitter as a teaser nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang.[2] He later released the title card five days before the episode aired.[7]
  • Hedgehog Abbey is a reference to the British drama show Downtown Abbey.
    • The same show (Hedgehog Abbey) was first mentioned back in "Aim Low".
  • Councilman McMeh might be a parody of Mayor McCheese.
  • This is the first episode where one of the Stunt Bears has appeared without its partner.
  • This episode marks the first time Lady Goat's name has been mentioned on the show.
  • Tails does not have any dialogue during the whole episode.


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