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Three Men And My Baby!

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"Three Men And My Baby!"[2] is the ninety-second episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 12 August 2017 in the United States and aired on 26 September 2017 in France.


When Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic accidentally injure Lady Walrus they agree to take care of her baby, Chumley.[3]



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The episode begins with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles goofing off with the Hoverboards and Knuckles' monster truck at the canyon. Knuckles drives through a cactus and says that there is no endangerment like reckless endangerment to which Sonic agrees. Knuckles continues to drive and tells Sonic and Tails to hold on tight because he is going to go into maximum overdrive just as his pizza oven dings to tell him that his pizza is ready. But just as he picks it up, he ends up tossing it around which causes the vehicle to go out of control. The vehicle drives through the Village Center where the pizza lands on Knuckles' lap before the vehicle nearly runs Lady Walrus over and hits a tree. Everyone initially believes that they have avoided a serious accident, but then the tree Knuckles' monster truck hit falls down on Lady Walrus.

The scene changes to the house of Lady Walrus, who has been bandaged up in her bed with her children around her. There, Sonic apologies for this pizza-related accident on behalf of his friends. When Lady Walrus asks about her recovery, her doctor, Doc, replies that she will be fine, but nonetheless tells her to rest in her bed for a few days. Lady Walrus' son Stratford promises that he will take of his mother, although that leaves Lady Walrus worried about who is going to take care her baby, Chumley. Nudged on by Tails, Sonic promises that he, Tails and Knuckles will take care of Chumley, thinking that babysitting should be a breeze compared to saving Hedgehog Village all the time. However, the trio later find themselves way over their heads in Tails' House when they cannot keep Chumley from crying. Tails thinks that Chumley might be hungry, so Sonic prepares a blended chili dog for him, although a miscommunication nearly made Knuckles put Chumley in the blender. Knuckles takes it upon himself to feed Chumley, but gets distracted when playing airplane with Chumley's food to make him eat it. When Knuckles finally feeds Chumley, he seems to calm down, much to the relief of Sonic and co. However, Chumley promptly poops his diaper, making Sonic and co. take him to Amy's House to have him changed. However, Amy flatly refuses to help the trio when Sonic asks her to take responsibility for their actions. With Chumley continuing to poop his diaper and resume his crying, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles take him to Tails' Workshop where they (while wearing their spacesuits) change Chumley's diaper, only to be forced to do it again when Chumley poops in that one too.

Back in Tails' House, Chumley continues to cry in his bed. At the same time, Sonic is losing his patience. Tails suggests that they should sing a lullaby to him, but when Sonic's attempt fails, Knuckles tells him to put more effort into it by saying that he isn't putting on enough of a show. Getting an idea from those words from Knuckles, the trio bring out their band, Dude-itude, and sings a rock-based lullaby for Chumley. When this attempt fails to make Chumley fall asleep, however, Tails, inspired by Knuckles' mention of the Dude-Mobile, sets up a mobile for Chumley. With the mobile making Chumley (and Knuckles) doze off, Sonic and Tails finally get some peace and quiet. However, they get interrupted by an explosion outside that wakes up Chumley, who begins to cry again. Everyone gets outside, and discovers that Dr. Eggman is attacking with his Badniks. Leaving Chumley in Knuckles' care, Sonic takes out his frustrations by brutally smashing the Badniks alongside Tails. Sonic corners Eggman onboard his Eggmobile and throws a fit in front of the doctor, blaming him and telling him off for ruining all their hard work to make Chumley fall asleep. Eggman, however, brushes it off and has Sonic flung off his Eggmobile. This makes Sonic ram into Knuckles, resulting in Chumley getting dropped into the air. Fortunately, Tails grabs Chumley before he hits the ground. When Knuckles takes out several Badniks with a ground pound however, Tails drops Chumley into Eggman's arms due to a Bee Bot. While Eggman is repulsed by Chumley, the baby walrus messes with the console onboard the Eggmobile, causing the Eggmobile and all of Eggman's badniks to shut down. Sonic then rescues Chumley while Knuckles kicks Eggman and his Eggmobile into the distance.

In the aftermath, Sonic and Tails notice that Chumley is laughing, making Tails conclude that all Chumley wanted was some gratuitous violence. With everyone taking a liking to Chumley, Sonic sees that they are finally getting the hand on babysitting. What follows next is a montage of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles taking good care of Chumley. First, the trio takes Chumley on a trip to the Village, during which Tails buys him a troy giraffe and Sonic gives him a high-speed piggyback ride. What follows next is a scene showing the trio emulating a family dynamic (dysfunction and all). After that, they give Chumley a wicked ride on a swing, followed by Tails taking Chumley on trip in his plane.

When evening falls, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles retreat to Sonic's Shack with Chumley, where they all immediately fall asleep from exhaustion. When Knuckles wakes up the next morning however, he notices that Chumley is not in his bed, making Sonic and Tails panic. While looking around the shack for Chumley, Sonic finds Chumley's toy giraffe outside. Realizing to their horror that Chumley is outside in the real world, the group looks for him in the most dangerous places in town, including the volcano, the trees, the canyons, the sky, and finally Meh Burger. After sharing a relief hug with Dave the Intern at Meh Burger upon learning that Chumley had not been to the restaurant though, Sonic faces the fact that they have lost Chumley. The trio quickly grieves over their loss, only for them to start bickering over whose fault it is. Upon agreeing with Tails that they are all to blame, the trio visits Lady Walrus (who has fully recovered) to tell her the truth. While Sonic tries to break it gently to her however, Chumley appears on Lady Walrus' roof, and Tails hands him back to his mother. Seeing Chumley all happy, Lady Walrus thanks them for a job well done. As goodbyes are made however, Knuckles breaks down in tears.

Back in the canyons, Amy tells Sonic, Tails and Knuckles that their experience should have taught them all a lesson. While Sonic agrees that they have learned something about responsibility, Tails notes that their lesson has only taught them not to cause any more pizza-related accidents, which has prompted him to put a throttle on the pizza own in Knuckles' monster truck (meaning it will only work when Knuckles is parked). While Amy fumes over this, Knuckles takes Sonic and Tails out on another monster truck-pulled Hoverboard ride. While Knuckles drives though, Chumley's toy giraffe can be seen hanging from the monster truck's rear-view mirror.



The miniscule Crab Bot breaking into smoke before getting hit.

  • The Crab Bot that Tails whips with his Enerbeam is only a fraction of the average size for a Crab Bot. Additionally, it emits smoke before Tails even hits it.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Trois hommes et mon bébé Three men and my baby
Italian Un bebè per tre A baby for three
Polish Ich trzech i osesek Their three and a baby
Portuguese (Brazil) Os três e o bebê The three and the baby
Portuguese (Portugal) Três Homens e o Meu Bebé! Three Men and My Baby!
Spanish (Latin America) Tres hombres y mi bebé Three men and my baby
Ukrainian Троє чоловіків і немовля Three men and a baby



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