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Sonic Underground
Three Hedgehogs and a Baby (transcript)

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This is the Transcript for the Sonic Underground episode, "Three Hedgehogs and a Baby".

[The episode begins in an alley as thunder booms and lightning flashes. The camera focuses on several pieces of paper as they float away.]

Queen Aleena (to the viewers): The most difficult thing a mother has to do is to let go of her children. For some, it happens when the children no longer need them.

[When the camera stops at Robotnik's base, thunder booms and lightning flashes again.]

Queen Aleena: They are the lucky ones.

[Sonic, Sonia, and Manic all peer from behind a corner as thunder booms and lightning flashes again. Sonia looks through a pair of binoculars, and the camera cuts to a view from inside them as she looks down at the bottom of Robotnik's base.

Sonia (heard offscreen): Looks clear!

[Sonia puts down her binoculars.]

Sonic: Ready to rock n' roll?

[Sonic winks at the camera as it moves towards Manic.]

Manic: Drumroll, please.

[Manic walks up to Sonic, and Sonic picks him up with his right hand and Sonia up with his left. Sonia gasps as she is picked up.]

Sonic: Hold on to your lunch!

[Sonic runs towards Robotnik's base, with Sonia and Manic in tow, leaving a trail of fire. Inside Robotnik's base, Sleet and Dingo watch from a monitor.]

Sleet: Here they come!

[The camera zooms out, revealing Sleet and Dingo as Robotnik shuts the monitor off. Sleet and Dingo turn to face Robotnik.]

Dr. Robotnik (heard offscreen): Good! What about the bait?

[Sleet is now holding a remote control in his left hand. He presses a button on it, and points it at a robot of a baby hedgehog with blue fur, wearing only a pink diaper. The robot awakens, sits up, and cries.]

Robotnik: Ah, what a delightful sound. The sound that will lead us to Sanctuary. Now, shut it up!

[Sleet points his remote at the robot and presses the button, and the robot stops crying.]

Dingo: Um, what's Sanctuary?

[Sleet grabs Dingo's chest with his right hand.]

Sleet: Idiot! We've talked about this all week!
Dingo: We have?
Sleet: Listen this time! Sanctuary is the place where the Freedom Fighters raise their children!
Robotnik (heard offscreen): And we're going to destroy it, and put an end to those brats growing up to be Freedom Fighters! Oh! (as he slams his right fist on his control panel) Enough of this! Are the baby's audio and visual units activated?

[Sleet walks up to the robot.]

Sleet: Yes, Dr. Robotnik.

[Sleet picks up the robot with both his hands and walks up to Dingo with it. He presses a button on the control panel with his right hand, and a view of Dingo waving his right hand from the robot's eyes are shown on the monitor, and Dingo looks up at the monitor.]

Sleet: See? It has built-in video and audio. We will see and hear everything the Hedgehogs do!

[Robotnik switches the station on the monitor so it shows him.]

Robotnik: Excellent. It's the most life-like robot ever made. What is your back-up in case of a malfunction?

[Sleet reaches behind his back with his right hand and pulls out his remote.]

Sleet: The baby basket!

[Sleet points his remote at Dingo, who holds out both his hands like stop signs and waves them in disapproval.]

Dingo: No! I don't want to be...

[Before Dingo can finish, Sleet presses the button on his remote, turning Dingo into a baby basket, with a pillow and a blanket inside.]

Dingo: A basket!

[In the next scene, which takes place outside Robotnik's base, a Swatbot shines its light and walks away. It walks past a manhole cover, which Sonic pushes open with his left hand. He, Sonia, and Manic all peer out and look at the door.]

Sonic: Okay, Manic, you're on!

[Manic walks out of the manhole as the camera zooms in on Sonic. Manic runs up to the door and puts a key in the keyhole. He turns it as he moves it up, turning the red LED light green, implying the door is unlocked. Manic turns to face Sonic and Sonia.]

Manic: Clear!

[Manic opens the door, and the camera moves over to a vault, which he and Sonia walk up to. Manic places a transmitter on the vault, and Sonia sets her laptop down on the control panel and opens it. She types on it as Sonic impatiently paces the floor.]

Sonic: Get it yet?

[Sonia turns to face Sonic.]

Sonia: Sonic, we just started!

[The code, "74998-772114" appears on Sonia's laptop, and the camera moves to the transmitter, which causes the handle of the vault to turn, unlocking the safe and opening it. Sonic runs into the vault, opens a drawer, and runs the fingers from both his hands through the files. He then pulls out a floppy disk, which he is holding in his right hand.]

Sonic (whispering): Intelligence was right! "Plans For Microroboticizer"!

[Sonia, who is now holding the floppy disk in her left hand, places it in her laptop. She types on her laptop, and the blueprints for the Microroboticizer appear on the screen.]

Sonic (whispering): That thing's no bigger than a pencil!
Sonia: Oh, my gosh! (as Sonic walks up to her and Manic) If Robotnik perfects this, his spies could sneak up on freedom fighters!

[Sonic and Manic turn to face each other]

Manic: And one wave of that wand, and poof! You're a goner!

[The control panel explodes, pushing Sonic, Sonia, and Manic down.]

Sonic: Hey!
Sonia [screams]

[The explosion is revealed to have come from the laser from one of the three Swatbots that have walked in. Sonic runs up to Sonia and Manic, and runs away, carrying the former in his left hand, and the latter in his right. A Swatbot fires, but misses, as Sonic runs out the doorway, with Sonia and Manic in tow. He runs away from Robotnik's base, leaving a trail of fire behind, as the Swatbots chase him. As soon as they are out of sight, he, Sonia, and Manic are revealed to have hidden behind an alley, and they all peer out of it. Unknown to them, Robotnik is watching them on his monitor, courtesy of the robot baby.]

Robotnik: Excellent! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[The camera zooms out on the monitor, revealing Sleet to be facing Robotnik.]

Sonic: Okay, they're gone! Let's blow this dump!
Robotnik: Activate the brat!

[Sonic and Sonia jump out of the alley and walk away, until they hear the robot baby crying. They both stop and gasp upon hearing it. Manic jumps out and lands next to them.]

Manic: What was that?
Sonia: It sounded like a baby!

[The robot baby cries again, and Sonic, Sonia, and Manic all turn to face it. Robotnik watches in delight, and the camera zooms in on his face.]

Sonic (heard offscreen): What would a baby be doing in this dump?

[Sonic, Sonia, and Manic all walk up to the robot baby. Sonic and Sonia crouch down to his level.]

Sonia: Awww! What a little angel!

[Sonic gives an unamused stare as Sonia sticks out her left hand and Manic crouches down to the robot baby's level.]

Manic: Huh, sure doesn't smell like an angel! Oh, P.U.!

[The robot baby stares at Sonia's left hand, until she pulls it away from him.]

Sonic: Cute little guy! (as he stands up) Kinda reminds me of me, when I was a baby!
Manic (as he waves his left hand in front of his head): You mean the smelly part?

[Sonic turns to face Manic and glares angrily at him upon hearing this. Manic stands up.]

Manic: What'll we do with it?

[Sonic scratches his head with his right hand. Robotnik and Sleet watch this from his base.]

Sonia: Oh, take him with us, of course! We certainly can't leave him here!
Robotnik: Excellent! Take the little brat, and lead me to Sanctuary! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[The screen fades to black, then to the next scene, which shows a view outside the Hedgehog's hideout. The robot baby cries as the camera zooms in on the entrance. Inside, Sonic is holding a green bag in his left hand. He reaches in with his right and pulls out a pink and green rattle, then puts it down on the table in front of him, next to two bottles and a box of diapers.]

Sonia (heard offscreen): Poor little guy was starving!

[The camera moves over to Sonia and Manic, the former of whom is sitting on the chair, holding the robot baby in her left hand, and a bottle in her right, as she is feeding him from the bottle, and the latter of whom is sitting on the couch.]

Manic: Yo, he still reeks! When are you gonna change his diapers?
Sonia: Oh, no, brother dear! I'm feeding him! You and Sonic get to change his diapers!
Manic: What?! No way! I don't have a clue!

[Manic jumps off the couch. He holds out his arms as Sonia, who is carrying the robot baby in her arms, walks up to him and hands the robot baby to him.]

Sonia: It's time you learned!

[Sonia walks away as the robot baby grabs Manic's nose with his right hand. Sonic holds out his right hand as Sonia reaches into the box of diapers with her right hand, pulls out a pink diaper identical to the one the robot baby is wearing, and hands it to Sonic. Sonic pulls out a pink clothespin, which he is holding in his left hand, and runs up to Manic. Manic hands the robot baby to Sonic, who now has the pink clothespin on his nose.

Sonic (in a nasal voice): Watch closely, bro! Next time, you're doing it!

[Sonic holds up the robot baby and walks towards the chair. Sonia and Manic, the latter of whom is scratching his head with his right hand, watch as Sonic sets the robot baby down on the chair, which now has the clean diaper on its left armrest. Sonic changes the robot baby's diapers really fast, and is now holding the dirty diaper in his right hand. He tosses it into the air. Sonia has her eyes shut, but Manic watches as Sonic is now holding a yellow bag in both his hands and opens it. The dirty diaper falls into the bag, and Sonic ties it shut really fast. He tosses the bag at Manic with his left hand.]

Manic: Ugh!

[Manic catches the bag with the dirty diaper in it with both his hands, and Sonic breathes nasally as he holds his arms out at the robot baby. Manic is now holding the bag with the drity diaper in it in his left hand as Sonia, who is carrying Dingo in her arms, walks past him.]

Sonia: Okay, and now we have to find out who this baby belongs to!
Manic: Yeah, and before his diapers need changing again!

[Manic walks away, carrying the bag with the dirty diaper in it. Sonic, who is now holding the robot baby in both his hands, sets him down in Dingo. The robot baby coos as Sonia pulls the covers over his body with both her hands. The robot baby falls asleep and sucks on his left thumb. Sonia shushes Sonic with her right index finger, and they both tiptoe away. As soon as they're out of sight, the robot baby, who is now sucking on his right thumb, opens his eyes. A view of the ceiling of the Hedgehogs' hideout is shown on Robotnik's monitor.]

Sleet: I got a fix on the house! Let's pick them up now!
Robotnik: No! We'll wait! (as he runs his the fingers from his right hand through his mustache) They'll lead us to Sanctuary, then we'll destroy them all!

[Robotnik looks at the monitor, which still shows the ceiling of the Hedgehogs' hideout.]

Robotnik: I can't see or hear them! Do something!

[Robotnik slams his right fist on his control panel. Sleet then turns to face the control panel.]

Sleet: Dingo, move to the door so we can see the Hedgehogs!

[Dingo's face emerges, and he sprouts arms and legs. He walks up to the ajar door, hearing Manic talk to Sonic and Sonia.]

Manic (heard offscreen): No way, no how, nuh-uh!

[A view from the doorway is shown as Manic nods his head, "No", at Sonic and Sonia.]

Manic: I do not babysit!
Sonic: Hey, bro, look at it this way; the sooner we find the kid's parents, the sooner he's out of here, and you'll never have to babysit again!

[Manic turns away from Sonic and shuts his eyes. Sonia walks up to him and puts her left hand on his left shoulder.]

Sonia: And while Sonic checks the underground, I'll check with all my society friends!
Sonic: Besides, he'll probably sleep ti'll we get back! See ya!

[Sonic and Sonia walk away.]

Sonia (heard offscreen): Bye!"

[The sound of the door opening and closing can be heard. The robot baby cries again, and Manic stares in disdain.]

Manic: Great!

[The robot baby continues crying, and the screen fades to black, ending the first act. The second act begins with a view outside the Hedgehogs' hideout. The camera zooms in on the entrance as the Robot Baby cries.]

Manic (heard offscreen): Aw, come on, kid! Have a heart!

[Manic crosses his arms and frowns. As the Robot Baby continues crying, he picks him up with both his hands.]

Manic: Dude, I fed you, changed your yucky diapers, what else is wrong, huh?

[The Robot Baby continues crying, and Manic has a confused expression on his face.]

Manic: Huh? Ah, that's it! You gotta burp, right?

[Manic holds the Robot Baby in his right arm as he pats his back with his left hand. The robot baby burps, and Manic has a surprised expression on his face. He is now back to holding him in both his hands.]

Manic: Way to go, guy!

[The Robot Baby giggles at Manic.]

Manic: Oh, you are kinda cute!

[Manic holds up the Robot Baby.]

Manic: I know what you need; a little ride with the top down!

[An image of Sonic's electric guitar is used as a transition to the next scene, where Manic is riding his hoverboard with the Robot Baby inside Dingo, who is tied to his back.]

Manic: So what do you think, kid? Is this beyond cool or what?

[The Robot Baby giggles in delight, while Dingo has a terrified expression on his face. Manic continues riding on his hoverboard, looping on it, and doing a barrel roll. Dingo now has a queasy expression on his face, and groans. Manic loops on his hoverboard again, and the Robot Baby giggles in delight again. Manic looks back at him, and flies his hoverboard over the city, then back into the Hedgehogs' hideout. The Robot Baby giggles as Manic, who is now holding Dingo in his right hand, jumps off his hoverboard and sets Dingo down on the table.]

Manic: Yeah, you liked that, didn't you, didn't you? Baby wanna take a widdwe wide again, huh?

[Manic grabs his hoverboard with his left hand and points at the Robot Baby with his right index finger. Dingo groans, and sounds as if he is going to throw up. This gets Manic's attention, as he turns to face him.]

Manic: Huh?

[Manic drops his hoverboard and walks up to Dingo and the Robot Baby.]

Manic: Hey, little dude! You got a tummy ache?

[The Robot Baby moves his arms excitedly.]

Manic: Hey, does the good boy like moosic?

[Manic runs away, then stops on the other side of the room. He touches his medallion with his left hand, and his drum set appears. He is now holding a drumstick in each hand as he sits down at it.]

Manic: Get ready, kid! Here comes!

[The Robot Baby opens his eyes, which now inexplicably have tears in them. Manic plays a single note on his drum set, then drums on it excitedly. The Robot Baby waves his arms excitedly, while Dingo growls. An image of Sonic's electric guitar is used as a transition to the next scene, where the Robot Baby is now sitting in Manic's lap and holding one of Manic's drumsticks in both his hands, which he uses to drum on Manic's drum set.]

Manic: All right, you're a natural! Let's jam!

[Manic is now holding his other drum stick in his right hand, and he and the Robot Baby play his drum set together. The Robot Baby giggles as they play together, but Dingo is more annoyed than ever, and he growls sprouts arms with hands to cover his ears with. Meanwhile, Sonic is rested against a building as he waits impatiently for Sonia, who runs up to him.]

Sonia: Any luck?
Sonic: Checked everywhere; nada!

[Sonic and Sonia look at each other, and the latter shrugs her shoulders. She then walks up to Sonic and holds onto him with both her arms, and Sonic runs away, with her in tow, creating a dust cloud. Back at the Hedgehog's hideout, the Robot Baby is now asleep in Dingo, holding one of Manic's drumsticks in both his hands as the camera zooms out on him. Manic watches over him, and tucks him in with his right hand.]

Manic: You're pretty cool, kid! You know what? You need a name! Ed? Nah, Betro, Chauncey?

[Manic rapidly nods his head, no.]

Manic: Nah!

[Manic snaps the fingers on his left hand, then stands up. He points at the Robot Baby with his left index finger.]

Manic: Hip! Hip Hedgehog! Ha ha!

[Manic kisses Hip on his forehead and cuddles him with his right index finger.]

Manic: Check you later, Hip!

[Manic walks through the doorway and looks back at Hip. He then grabs a door in each and and pulls them shut. Sonic and Sonia have returned, as Sonic now screeches to a halt.]

Manic: Shhh! You guys back already?

[Manic walks up to Sonic and Sonia. As Hip continues sleeping, Dingo has fallen asleep as well.]

Sleet (heard over Hip's transmitter): Dingo, wake up, you idiot! We can't hear what they're saying!

[Dingo awakens and sprouts arms and legs. He crawls up to the door and pushes it open ajar with both his hands. Hip awakens, and he and Dingo look over at Manic sitting on a chair and talking to Sonic and Sonia on the other side, which Robotnik and Sleet watch from Robotnik's base.]

Manic: Oh, we had a great time! He cried, I fed him, he cried, I burped him, then I cried, we ralphed on my vest!

[Manic jumps off his chair and walks away. He turns to face Sonic and Sonia, who look at him in confusion, remembering how he felt about babysitting Hip earlier that day. Sonic looks back at Sonia, who shrugs her shoulders at him, then back at Manic.]

Sonia: So, you won't mind taking care of him while we try to find the Roboticiser prototype tonight?

[Sonic runs up to Manic and looks over him.]

Manic: Oh, no prob! Huh?

[Sonic taps Manic on his back with his right index finger. He grabs him by his vest with both his hands as he stares angrily at him.]

Sonic: Okay, who are you and what did you do with the real Manic?

[Manic puts his hands on Sonic's arms.]

Manic: Ha ha! So me and Hip spent a little quality time and now we're buds!

[In his base, Robotnik twiddles the fingers on his right hand as he watches Manic talking to Sonic and Sonia.]

Sonia: Hip?

[Manic turns to face Sonia.]

Manic: Well, he needed a name.
Sonic: Hip Hedgehog... way cool!

[Sonia crosses her arms and frowns.]

Sonia: So we got tonight covered, but what about after that?

[Manic points at Sonia with his right index finger.]

Manic: We should take him to Sanctuary!

[In his base, Robotnik grins evilly as he hears this. The camera zooms in on him.]

Robotnik: Yes! Ha ha ha ha! Show me Sanctuary!
Sonia (heard on the monitor): No, we can't!

[Robotnik gasps upon hearing this.]

Sonia: Too many things to do!

[Sonic walks past Sonia and Manic.]

Manic: But...

[Sonia puts her right hand on Manic's back.]

Sonia: It's okay, Manic! We can leave the baby in front of the underground shelter! He'll be fine!

[Manic frowns and crosses his arms in disapproval.]

Manic: No way! Those places get raided all the time!

[Sonic and Sonia look at each other, then back at Manic.]

Manic: Got a better idea! I'll take him to the sanctuary tonight, while you guys are on a mission!

[Robotnik watches from his base and nods his head, "Yes" upon hearing what Manic said.]

Sonic (heard over the monitor): It's too dangerous to take that journey alone! You know that!

[Robotnik nods his head, "No" upon hearing what Sonic said. As Dingo and Hip watch over the Hedgehogs, the latter cries. Dingo lets go of the doors, and they shut. Sonic, Sonia, and Manic all gasp when they hear Hip's crying. As Hip continues crying, Dingo tries to run back to the couch, but trips and falls over.]

Dingo: Whoa! Oof!

[Dingo jumps back onto the couch and hides his face, arms and legs. Manic pushes the doors open with both his hands, and walks into the room.]

Sonia: Maybe he's hungry!

[Sonic and Sonia follow Manic into the room. They stop and look at each other, and Sonic holds up his right index finger.]

Sonic: I've got something for him!

[Sonic runs up to Manic, Hip, and Dingo. As Manic rocks Hip in Dingo with both his hands, Sonic, who is holding a chili dog in his left hand, looks over them. Sonic tries to give Hip the chili dog, but Manic pushes it away with his right hand. Sonia walks up to them.]

Manic: Whoa, Sonic! Babies don't eat chili dogs!
Sonic: His loss! Ah, a work of art!

[Sonic puts the chili dog in his mouth and eats it. Hip cries again.]

Manic: I know what he wants; music!

[Manic runs to the other side of the room and touches his medallion with his left hand. Hip looks over at him and stops crying. He smiles when Manic's drum set appears, and Manic jumps into it.]

Sonia: Amazing! (as she turns to face Manic and points at him with her left index finger) "Well then, let's give him a song!

[Sonia walks up to Manic. She touches her medallion with both her hands, and her keyboard appears. Sonic's electric guitar appears, and he grabs it with both his hands. All three hedgehogs are now playing their instruments as spotlights of their respective colors shine over them.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Being a kid is cool, there's so many fun things for kids to do, (as Sonic sticks out his tongue and waves it about, then Sonic stands on his hands and Sonia plays her keyboard with her feet) Makin' funny faces and acting like fools, (as images of Sonic, Sonia, and Manic appear behind them) Playing chase, singing songs, hopscotch, too!

[A shower of candy falls onscreen, and the camera moves to the top of it, revealing Sonic, Sonia, and Manic, who are all wearing white bonnets as they play their instruments.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Games and toys and ice cream really rules! Being a kid is cool!

(a close-up of Sonic playing his electric guitar is shown as a young Sonic pushes it to the left side of the screen, revealing the next scene, which takes place under a bed.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Running through the house!

[A young Sonia chases the young Sonic to the other side of the screen.]

Sonic (singing) Chasing each other!
Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Jumping on the bed!

[Manic looks under the bed.]

Manic (singing): Hiding from your Mother!
Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): A bubbly bubble bath,

[Bubbles, including one with Sonia's face in it float onscreen]

Sonia (singing): Washes off the day's dirt,

[The bubble pops, and is used as a transition to the next scene, where a young Sonic, Sonia, and Manic are sitting, in bandages and bruises.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Put a band-aid on the boo-boo where you fell and got hurt!

[The young Sonic, Sonia, and Manic run away as their present-day counterparts appear, playing their instruments.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Being a kid is cool, (As the young Sonia, Sonic, and Manic all pop up) There's so many fun things we used to do!

[The young Manic pushes the young Sonic and Sonia down with his right and left hands, respectively. The three then run in from the right side of the screen and dance as a spotlight shines over them.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Making funny faces and acting like fools!

[A photo of a young Sonic wearing a black shirt playing baseball is shown.]

Sonic (singing): Baseball,

[A photo of a young Manic riding a bicycle is shown.]

Manic (singing): Bicycles,

[A photo of a young Sonia dancing ballet is shown.]

Sonia (singing): Ballet, too!

[The present-day Sonic, Sonia, and Manic play their instruments as they float on a blue bubble, which floats away.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Dogs and dolls and ice cream really rules! Being a kid is cool!

[Back at Robotnik's base, it rumbles, and an annoyed Robotnik puts his hands over his ears.]

Sonic (singing): Being a kid is cool!

[Sonic walks back to Sonia and Manic, who are both watching over Hip.]

Sonic, Sonia, and Manic (singing): Being a kid is cool! Being a kid is, so very cool!

[Hip is now sucking on his left thumb. He falls back asleep, and a circle showing a clip of him and Manic drumming together is shown. The screen fades to black, then to a view of the moon. The camera zooms out, revealing Sonic, Sonia, Manic, and Hip to all be outside the entrance to the Hedgehogs' hideout. Manic is holding Hip in his arms.]

Sonic: You gonna be cool, bro?
Manic: No prob!
Sonia: We can go now, bye-bye, baby!

[Hip coos as Sonia runs away. She and Sonic run away together. In Robotnik's base, Robotnik and Sleet watch Manic on the monitor.]

Manic: There's no way I'm letting you hang in some crummy shelter! We're gonna go to Sanctuary, Hip!

[Manic runs back into the Hedgehogs' hideout, carrying Hip. Robotnik growls, then slams his left fist on his control panel.]

Robotnik: That's it, Sleet! (as he points at Sleet with his right index finger) Mobilize the Swatbots! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

[Sleet grins evilly. The screen fades to black, ending act two. The third act begins with a view outside the entrance to the Hedgehogs' hideout. Manic flies out on his hoverboard, with Dingo and Hip tied to his back. Dingo groans, as he is sick from the flight. Sonic runs through the city, causing pieces of paper near him to fly away. The screen rumbles, and he and Sonia screech to a halt.]

Sonia: What's that?
Sonic: Assault force!

[Sonia gasps and sees many airships take to the sky.]

Sonia: Oh, my gosh! I've never seen so many!
Sonic: Yeah! I wonder what's up?
Sonia: Let's just be happy they're not following us!

[Manic is up in the sky on his hoverboard.]

Manic: It'll take us a while to get there, Hip, but I guarantee you're gonna love it!

[Dingo smiles in relief, knowing Robotnik's evil plan is taking fold. Many airships follow behind him, one of which Sleet is piloting from the inside. He looks through a pair of binoculars he is holding in both his hands, then walks away as the door to the window shuts. He talks to Robotnik, who is shown on a monitor.]

Sleet: I have the hedgehog in sight, sir!

[The camera zooms in on Robotnik on the monitor.]

Robotnik: That's close enough! Shift to stealth mode!

[Sleet presses a button on the control panel with his left index finger, and all the airships camoflauge. Inside Robotnik's warehouse, Sonic and Sonia pop out from behind a crate. Sonia jumps out and runs up to a control panel. She types on the keyboard, and blueprints appear on the corresponding monitor.]

Sonia: Uh-oh!

[Sonic looks around, then runs up to Sonia.]

Sonic: I hate it when you say, "Uh-oh"!
Sonia: Look at this!

[Sonic and Sonia look over at the blueprints on the monitor.]

Sonic (heard offscreen): Yeah, I've seen it! So? (as Sonia shuts the monitor off) Yeah? So?
Sonia (as she types on the keyboard): So, there's nothing else to see, Sonic! There are no insides to the thing! It's a fake!
Sonic (as he turns to face Sonia): Huh?

[Just then, the sound of crying identical to Hip's can be heard. Sonic and Sonia turn around, and stare in shock when they see Robotnik holding a robot baby identical to Hip in his arms. The camera zooms in on them.]

Robotnik: Isn't it annoying when they won't stop crying? Fortunately, like those Roboticizer plans, this baby...

[Sonic and Sonia both gasp as Robotnik opens the back compartment of the second robot baby with his right hand, revealing its robotic insides.]

Robotnik: Is fake, too!

[Robotnik shuts off the second robot baby, and Sonic has an angrily scowl on his face.]

Sonic: Why, you!

[Before Sonic and Sonia can run towards Robotnik, electric shackles appear over their ankles, stopping them in their tracks.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh!
Sonia: Ugh! Ugh!
Sonic: Ugh! Ugh!
Sonia: Ugh! Ugh!
Sonic: Electronic Shackles!
Robotnik: Welcome to your nightmare, Hedgehogs!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik is at his control panel, and Sonic and Sonia are standing near him. Two Swatbots are standing behind them. Robotnik laughs evilly as the camera zooms in on him.]

Robotnik: It seems your bother has decided to take that cute, little baby on a journey!

[Manic riding his hoverboard with Dingo and Hip tied to his back is shown on the monitor as Robotnik walks up to Sonic and Sonia.]

Sonia: Manic!
Sonic (as he looks over at Sonia): Where's he goin'?
Robotnik (as he puts his left and right hands over Sonia and Sonic, respectively); To that place you call... Sanctuary!

[Robotnik walks back to his chair.]

Sonia: Oh, my gosh!
Robotnik: Oh, it will be such a pleasure destroying the Freedom Fighters' little nest, and all the little nestlings! Ha ha ha ha!
Sonia: You are so below slime!
Robotnik: Thank you.

[Sonia touches her medallion with both her hands, and her keyboard appears. She plays it, and it zaps her and Sonic's electronic shackles, but to no avail.]

Robotnik: Ha ha ha ha! Nice try, Hedgehog, but those fields will withstand anything!

[Sonia looks down at her electronic shackles.]

Sonia: Huh?

[The camera moves over to Sonic, who has an angry scowl on his face. He touches his medallion with his right hand, and his electric guitar appears.]

Sonic: Even a power outage, Robutthead?

[Sonic plays his electric guitar, which zaps the control panel. Robotnik stares at it in shock.]

Robotnik: [screams]

[The blast from Sonic's electric guitar bounces all over the control panel, and onto the monitors, causing them explode. The lights go out, and Sonic and Sonia's electronic shackles turn off.]

Sonia: Nice shot, Bro!
Robotnik: Stop them!

[A blue spotlight shines over Sonic, who is holding Sonia's right hand in his left. The two Swatbots aim at them.]

Sonic: Hold onto your socks, Sis!

[The two Swatbots fire at Sonic and Sonia. Sonic runs out of the way with Sonia in tow just in time, causing them to miss.]

Robotnik: Hold your fire, you idiots!

[An image of Sonic's electric guitar is used as a transition to the next scene, where Manic is riding on his hoverboard with Dingo and Hip tied to his back.]

Manic: Hang in, Hip! We're gettin' closer to Sanctuary!

[Manic is now flyingover the desert. A cloud of dust appears, and when it clears, it reveals Sonic and Sonia both riding on Sonic's hoverboard. Sonia points up at Manic with her left index finger.]

Sonia: There it is! We're lucky, he's still two hundred kilometers from Sanctuary!
Sonic: Get ready to fly, Sis!

[Sonic rides his hoverboard towards Manic, with Sonia in tow. Sleet watches all three Hedgehogs from his monitor, stares in confusion, and slams his right fist on the control panel. Robotnik appears on the monitor.]

Sleet: Dr. Robotnik, the other Hedgehogs have arrived!
Robotnik: Sleet, you idiot! Blast them out of the sky!
Sleet: Yes, Sir!

[Sleet presses a button on the control panel with his right index finger.]

Sleet: Dingo, grab the hedgehog!

[Dingo sprouts arms and grabs Manic with them.]

Dingo: Gotcha, Hedgehog!

[Manic looks back at Dingo, realizing he was the basket Hip was in all along. Sonic gasps when he looks up at Dingo grabbing Manic, and flies towards them. Sonia is holding onto his body the entire time. The fleet of airships uncamoflague themselves. Sonic and Sonia fly closer to Manic as lasers from the airships fire at all three of them. Sonic, Sonia, and Manic all swerve in separate directions, and the airships all fire their lasers at them. Sonia touches her medallion with her right hand and her keyboard appears. She fires back at the airships with it, hitting one and causing it to explode. As Sonia and the airships fire at each other, Manic struggles to get free from Dingo.]

Manic: Ugh! Ugh! Let me go, come on! Ugh!

[In the struggle, Hip falls out of Dingo. Manic sees this and pulls his right arm out.]

Manic: Help!

[Hip looks up at Manic as he falls. Manic reaches for him with his right hand.]

Manic: Hip! No!

[Sonic and Sonia look up at Manic, who pulls himself free from Dingo.]

Manic: Ugh!

[Manic jumps back on his hoverboard, while Dingo falls.]

Dingo: [screams]

[Manic flies towards Hip, and Sonia points down at them with her right index finger.]

Sonia: Sonic, look!

[The airships continue firing lasers at Sonic and Sonia as they fly towards Manic and Hip. Sleet watches Dingo fall on the monitor.]

Sleet: You're lucky I'm saving you, you useless moron!

[Sleet pulls out his remote control with his right hand and presses the button on it, turning Dingo from a basket into a bird, and Dingo now flies. Hip continues falling, and Manic holds out both his hands to catch him. Before he can, Hip falls to the ground and explodes into pieces. Manic looks down in confusion.]

Manic: Huh?

[Manic looks down at Hip's pieces, realizing that Hip was a robot the entire time. Tears fill his eyes.]

Sonic (heard offscreen): Manic, look out!

[Manic looks up and sees an airship firing its lasers at him. He dodges them just in time as the lasers hit Hip's pieces, causing them to explode. Manic flies up to Sonic and Sonia, with an angry scowl on his face.]

Sonia: Sorry, we just found out, too!
Manic: I'm gonna get Robotnik for this!

[The airships all fire their lasers at Sonic, Sonia, and Manic.]

Sonic: Well, here's your chance! Let's give em' some flyin' lessons!

[Sonia and Sonia fly away as the airships continue firing their lasers at them. Manic flies past the lasers and up to Sonic and Sonia. Inside his airship, Sleet laughs evilly. The airships continue firing their lasers at Sonic and Sonia, the latter of whom fires back with her keyboard, hitting one and causing it to explode. Another airship fires back at her and Sonic.]

Sonia: Sonic! They're getting close!

[Sonic sees the canyon up ahead and suddenly has an idea. He, Sonia, and Manic all dodge the lasers the airships are firing at them. Sleet flies his airship over the canyon, while some of the other airships crash into it. Sonic, Manic, and Sonia all look back at the remaining airships. Sonia points at the cloud ahead with her right index finger.

Sonia: Sonic, maybe we can lose them in that big cloud!

[Sonic sees the cloud that Sonia was pointing to. He then turns to face Sonia.]

Sonic: Yeah, good idea, Sis! (to Manic) Manic, if we split up, they'll split up! (as Manic flies up to him and Sonia) Jam into the cloud from the right, and I'll go left! We'll meet in the middle and blow out the top!
Manic: You got it!

[Sonic, Sonia, and Manic split up. Sonic and Sonia turn left, and Manic turns right. Some of the airships fly after Manic, miss, and fly into the cloud. Sonic and Sonia fly behind the cloud, and the other airships, including Sleet's, fly into it. Sonic, Sonia, and Manic all fly out of the cloud, and the airships explode from inside the cloud. Sonic and Manic high-five each other, with Sonic's left hand and Manic's right. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Manic is playing his drum set in Sanctuary, which resembles Knothole Village from the SaTaM series, in front of five freedom fighter children; three boys and two girls. The three boys are a purple hedgehog in a red shirt and green shoes, a blue dog with red hair, a pink shirt, green pants, and blue shoes, and a green mink with red hair, a black shirt, a red bandana, blue pants, and brown shoes. The two girls are a purple hedgehog with blue hair, a white dress, and yellow shoes, and a white mink with red hair, a white blouse, a purple skirt, and green shoes.]

Manic: Now, if you want to learn that, you need to find some sticks and some flat rocks!

[The freedom fighter children run away, laughing. Sonic and Sonia both walk up to Manic.]

Manic: To think, I almost led those guys here!
Sonia (as she puts her hands on Manic's arms): You were just trying to do the right thing!
Sonic: You okay, bro?

[The Freedom Fighter children run back to Manic, carrying sticks in their hands.]

Manic: I am now!

[The camera moves over from the Hedgehogs and the Freedom Fighter children to the bridge over the river. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]