Hey, I back just to help in the brazilian release date of Sonic Boom episodes of season one, so here:

Number Title Title in Brazilian Portuguese Release date
27 Robot Battle Royale A Batalha dos Inventores July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
28 It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog Não Fui Eu, Foi o Ouriço Armado July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
29 Eggman the Auteur Eggman o Diretor July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
30 Chili Dog Day Afternoon Em Busca da Pimenta Perfeita July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
31 Chez Amy Restaurante da Amy July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
32 Two Good to Be True Muito Bom Para Ser Verdade July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
33 Late Fees Sem Atrasos May 10, 2017 (DVD)
July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
34 Bro-Down Showdown Mano à Mano July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
35 Into the Wilderness A Vida na Selva May 10, 2017 (DVD)
July 3, 2017 (Netflix)
37 Eggman Unplugged Eggman Desconectado May 10, 2017 (DVD)

And two DVDs were released in Brazil, only changing the title and not the order of the episodes:

Title Title in Brazilian Portuguese Release date Price Help link
Sonic Boom: The Sidekick Sonic Boom: O Assistente January 11, 2017 R$29,90 [1]
Sonic Boom: Hedgehog Day Sonic Boom: O Dia do Ouriço May 10, 2017 R$19,90 [2]
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