Kettlon wrote:

Ultrasonic9000 wrote: I must express my amazement to you. You are done admirably by adding so many Sonic Boom transcripts. Most people lose courage after writing just one third of these transcripts, and you have written so many of them. A talents such as yours is a rare one indeed. Keep up the good work.

Hey, I missed that message yesterday. Thanks UltraSonic for the kind words.

@Crazy: This is the third time I've be requested by you to make certain transcripts. I'll just say this: I want to do the ones that I personally feel most confident with. There are some episodes like Late Night Wars that involve the Comedy Chimp Show, something I'm personally not a fan of myself. I've done Robot Battle Royale for you, and I could make a start on Eggman the Auteur if you need me to, but as you can see everyone else seems to be impressed with the work I've put up so far and I don't want to lose confidence.

Im sorry dude. I thought you can do all. You can make Eggman the Auteur if you want.

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