I don't want to pick on a mistake. It's just that it doesn't look like one. You tried to close the nomination earlier before, which was reverted. You did the same thing again the next day. The consensus was only on 66%, which is pretty iffy. But you're so sure that Bullet deserves the rights that you've not given it a second thought. I don't think any of the administrator nominations have passed on any number below 75%. From my memory, Metal did not receive his rights on 66%.

You also happened to close the nomination only a few minutes after two more users voted in opposition. Bullet won 5 more votes on this same day. This would have been the coincidence if it was on the 10th, but it was between 8th and 9th (midnight). It's clear that you were in a hurry. It also doesn't help that Bullet mixed up the timezones to convince me that it was closed on time. This is all too suspicious for me to believe that it's just a small mistake.

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