• An image is in The Fate of Tangle the Lemur chat. I want it removed. I am too scared to look at it.

    Once it's out, describe it to me. I also need a break from the discussion.

    (No image policy)

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    • It's your post you created, ergo YOU can remove it yourself or just ask Admin to omit it.

      And that image's already incrusted in my mind without have to look at it.

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    • Also, I am not sure when they decided to end the Metal Virus - it perhaps would go for few more issues then it will stop.

      So in end, all I can say is... enjoy your break. I will let you know when it's done. Alright?

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    • Sonic the Hedgehog #29 will be the final episode of Metal Virus Saga. How do I know? Sonic the Hedgehog #30 had its summary declared that "Metal Virus Saga" is over.

      And again, Tangle is NOT "dead". The part of "Zombot" referring to the behavior they produced are similar to the zombie, but not braindead. The pattern of "Zombot" is just an advanced phase of "Roboticization", no more, no less. AND! It was insisted to be next phase of Archie Comic, if Ken hadn't lost his mind and rage quit, forcing Ian to do the house-clean.

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