• So let's pick up from where we last left off on the Talk page for Tangle the Lemur, I said that I imagined Blaze and Marine using the power of the Sol Emeralds.

    P.s, don't add any images cos I have autism and they may cause me to have anxiety attacks.

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    • I will not use any images.

      And you should not forget about Knuckles and his Master Emerald - they can also help Sonic reclaim the former glory.

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    • Good idea! Wow, the Metal Virus saga is even worse than the time Thanos snapped his fingers to wipe out half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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    • Indeed, as Thanos had anything under his control while Eggman's Virus lost their minds and just cramming it in.

      Also we hadn't seen Tikal, Chaos Zero, and Big (beside Big's cameos on the cover, like twice) in this IDW series so far.

      So perhaps Tikal would be an answer to the Metal Virus seeing that she calmed Chaos Zero's enragement down.

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    • Exactly, we should write a letter to IDW telling them about how upset I was when i saw Issue 24's plot.

      Bringing a character back is costly though, like the time Zordon had to bring Billy Cranston back after he drowned in the 2017 Power Rangers movie.

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    • This has just come to light: IDW Metal Virus Arc dark tone fatigue

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    • No, just let the story running its course. Tangle will get a cure once Sonic or his friends (who hadn't infected yet) figured it out.

      Seemed similar to Robotnik's Tyrant Era that lasted fifty issues, only to fallen at least three times in the course of seventy-five issues (once per twenty-five issues; E.V.E. kicked Robotnik out of exist only for him to come back, Snively erased Original Robotnik out of his exist and then Robo-Robotnik-becoming-Eggman got a kick in the space only to have his mind transfer into Eggman design).

      If Robotnik's Tyrant Era went that far, then it's fine for Metal Virus to last that long. All we need is to get either Tikal and Chaos Zero, Knuckles and Master Emerald, or The Seven Sins to clean that mess up.

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    • 😢

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    • But again, Metal Virus arc will be finished soon. Twenty-five issues is usual that long enough for full arc to start and to end.

      So don't worry, it's also hard for me, but I had to accept and move on. Issue 24 is already out, so there's no chance to recall it and change the fate.

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    • I understand. This was obviously a thing I was thinking about outside of the issue.

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    • So was I - I had been dream to see so many alternative universes being saved by my OC: Prototype Memoir, and her family from the Metal Virus, as well as helping Tangle to regain her species population from "Endanger" list.

      Right now, her "Memoir Generation" line are defacing Russia's Dictator's appearance to clean out the developing of Metal Virus.

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    • Let's put this conversation on hold so I can take some time to think.

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    • Alright, I will check it out when you respond.

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    • On the discussion, I shared everyone a link to one of my tweets regarding Tangle. Today, I made another showing my support for her.

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    • That's great.

      And also, Sonic in previous comics had been through the darkest hours, like several times.

      Such as him being arrested for being roboticized and almost each members on Freedom Fighter doubted him, but Amy Rose. Fortunately, Sonic cleaned that up within 24 hours.

      Between Issue #125 and Issue #130, the people on Mobius believed that he was died for a year, only to learn that he returned alive and well. Then it rolled down the hill when Sonic took a damage on his shoulder, following by Sally slapping his face when he refused.

      Then there's a small part before Eggman's "losing his mind", Sonic had lost Knothole as well as many of people within Knothole due to Eggman's absorbing them into "Brainbox" method. That left him with Tails, Amy Rose, and NICOLE. However when Eggman overlooked his errors of leave the Nanite behind and NICOLE picked it up, "New Mobotropolis" was birth.

      And the latest 'Dark Hour' that Sonic went in was that Sally had been roboticized for second time in a row, and Eggman weaponized her to keep her from returning to Sonic's side. That disbanded the original "Freedom Fighters" as Antoine suffered an injure from Metal Sonic's bomb, Bunnie got de-roboticized by Ixis Naugus, and the Acorn Kingdom turned to Naugus as its new "king" with St. John helping him out. But did that stop Sonic from get Mecha Sally back before the second white-out?

      I don't think so.

      Sure, the doubt along Sonic's team in IDW Publishing series is a next level comparing to Archie Comic series, but... there are few things that you missed:

      • Amy Rose still doesn't doubt Sonic at all.
      • Tangle believed in Sonic and knew that he will get it reversed.
      • Whisper... I can't be sure what she would think about Sonic, but all she care was to get Tangle back and nothing more.
      • Knuckles? We don't know since he didn't see since then. Same thing go for Blaze, as last time we saw her, she was talking with Tangle and clean up the fires.

      The only ones doubted him were:

      • Cream, who gave Sonic a cold shoulder.
      • Shadow, who told Sonic to off "Mr. Tinker" while Sonic didn't.

      So... that's all I could think of. If I were them, I could just put a blame on Dr. Starline for reviving Eggman's old mind. It's not Sonic's fault for let "Mr. Tinker" live nor restore Metal Sonic with little of fuel and let him go afterward.

      Dr. Starline is responsible for the whole destruction and of that apocalypse.

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    • Absolutely! It's all Starline's fault. Oh BTW, if you have a Twitter account, make sure to like and retweet it to others so the word can spread.

      It might not work but I imagine it will. Also, thanks to Mystic Monkey, I was able to email IDW about how the Metal Virus saga has affected me.

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    • Indeed, which brought up Sonic's point about Eggman being 'Mr. Tinker' instead of Eggman.

      And unfortunately, I don't have one and I am not interesting in register it.

      And for Mecha Sally, if SEGA hadn't created Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood game or Ken Penders hadn't flipping off, Sonic could be able to get Mecha Sally de-roboticized by Issue #249.

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    • Yeah, that's a possibility.

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    • And be aware that it was also Shadow's fault for triggering Infinite back in Sonic Forces and its DLC: Episode Shadow. Yet, Infinite wanted to kill Sonic by take over the world with Eggman.

      So in other word, Tangle got infected is similar to Sally made her sacrifice. And if Ken had not let it go, Sally will return to normal while IDW Publishing version can curing Tangle back to normal.

      Same idea in Zootopia movie, up to 16 mammalians were infected with Night Howler dosage, and Judy had find a way to get a cure for them if she had more patience and research on how it happened.

      And for Infinity War movie, did anyone complain about how awful it was when half of the Earth's population was deleted by Thanos' finger snap? Yeah, Gamora was sacrificed for the Soul Stone. But that version wasn't bring back and her "sister", Nebula, had to kill her alternative version while Gamora from alternative universe (pulled by Thanos) hadn't join the Guardian of the Galaxy after all.

      Hey, did the fans complain about those movies? I don't think so and they allowed that event to proceed through. That lead to me suggest that the story IDW Publishing is cover have to proceed as the way it is. Tangle will coming back. So are Vanilla, Vector, Charmy, anyone that succumbed into the virus beforehand.

      Sonic, though I don't remember where he said it, once quoted: "Even if it's under 1 percent of successful, I still going for it."

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    • I sent an e-mail to IDW, so, fingers crossed if they reply.

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    • Hold on that hope.

      And one more from Archie Comic Pre-SGW; Altered Mobius 25-Years Later - Sonic was at his lowest point, but he wasn't out yet. He had Tails and Lara-Su backing him up, bringing in by Knuckles, however, it turned to a good point once Knuckles took the cap off and said that it went as planned to overthrow King Shadow.

      Then five years later, Tikhaos came, wrecked the floating island as Shadow left. Sure, Sonic can't beat Tikhaos, his new-birth kids did.

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    • You know that all the zombots are gonna be put back to normal at the end of the arc, right? You're way exaggerating things.

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    • KitsuneSoldier wrote: You know that all the zombots are gonna be put back to normal at the end of the arc, right? You're way exaggerating things.

      Yeah, which is why I suggested Brian to let it proceeding normally.

      Archie Comic version had done that many times before as I explained up above. SEGA confirmed that Sonic will winning at end no matter the situation he was put in, even if it's under 1 percent of successful.

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    • KitsuneSoldier wrote:
      You know that all the zombots are gonna be put back to normal at the end of the arc, right? You're way exaggerating things.

      I pray to god they will. Have you seen my tweet?

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    • He perhaps not going to answer that.

      Anyways, one MORE thing I like to add about Sonic himself.

      Of course that he was cornered by the untamed Metal Virus with the following losses:

      • Restoration HQ got destroyed
      • Tails' Lab got destroyed
      • The device got destroyed
      • Many villages became intact due to virus
      • Tangle succumbed to the Metal Virus
      • Sonic almost succumbed to the Metal Virus, only to break it out at last minute
      • According to Gemerl's scan, the Metal Virus on Sonic slowly adapted to his speed

      And all of that, did Sonic surrendering to Eggman's untamed Metal Virus? No, Sonic didn't.

      Plus, like I mentioned before, SEGA confirmed that Sonic will always win and Eggman will always lose.

      So yes, KitsuneSoldier is right, Sonic will find a way to beat the Metal Virus, even if it pushed him to his limits. Plus, we haven't see Honey, Tikal, Chaos Zero, Marine, and/or any modern characters from the games in the comic so far. Big appears on the cover twice, as mentioned before, but he wouldn't able to help. Also, we hadn't see Knuckles and Blaze since their last appearance (StH Issue #11 and Annual 2019, respective).

      So... you bet that Blaze and Marine would solve the problem with Sol Emeralds, right?

      Well, I bet on Knuckles and Tikal pull the miracles by using the Master Emerald (since Eggman had all Chaos Emeralds that Dr. Starline obtained and presented) to reverse the effect.

      But hey, I am not going to argue with the reason of who is right.

      All I say is that it's possible for Sonic to win the battle even if he lost so many stuffs that required to beat the Metal Virus. That is SEGA's command.

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    • I'm with the Blaze and Marine freeing Tangle idea. If IDW still haven't answered my mail, I'll leave it to you to ask them. 

      I've got their email and we must make sure we don't harass them:

      Happy new year BTW!

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    • Nah, I am settled with their story already. Thank you anyways.

      Happy New Year to you too!

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    • And also, I think that they wanted to make it happen... is to tell us the irony that Tangle didn't listen to Jewel's warning as seen in Annual 2019 and Tangle & Whisper Issue #1 about how danger Tangle got into.

      And Tangle went in first thing she think to see how Jewel was, and Zombot Jewel attacked her as soon as she entered Jewel's Mineral Museum.

      This perhaps suggested both Tangle and Whisper to have a down hour in their life. And have Tangle to actually learn her lesson not to jump in first thing she do.

      I just now realized of how irony that was when I looked back in the previous issues focused on Tangle.

      This also echoed to what Sally had done in Archie Comic, of how many times she had failed to overcome her mistakes as well as allowed Eggman to live while he's down.

      And yes, Ian is using that idea without him realizing it. Seeing that he had forgot all about Anarchy Beryl when he made Rise of Infinite issue, where Cubot suggested the name for "Phantom Ruby".

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    • I told my mum on how Tangle's infection had troubled me since I saw the Issue's plot. She didn't understand at first until I gave her all the details and asked her to book an anonymous interview with the BBC (may or may not work) so I can explain the saga's dark tone and my "campaign" to ensure that Tangle lives another day.

      P.s. if there ever was a Tangle & Whisper movie, I'd nominate Kristen Schaal and Millie Bobby Brown to voice the main characters. 


      (The film can be set months after the Metal Virus saga with a 2021 release)

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    • Okay, this has gone too far. I'm unfollowing.

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    • KitsuneSoldier wrote: Okay, this has gone too far. I'm unfollowing.

      Oh sorry, man

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    • Like I said, never mind him.

      And... that will be a fan made and not consider canon to IDW Publishing.

      But again, like Kitsune said, Sonic will find a cure to clear the Metal Virus in few issues. And again, like I said before, Archie Comic version had few darkest episodes, like Sally got roboticized twice, Knothole got destroyed for real, NICOLE turned Iron NICOLE at one point, and Eggman got better at playing the game.

      Metal Virus is the next level of the darker hour. And it's only a metal virus. Like Roboticize back in old days, if there is a way to reverse the roboticize, then there is a way to reverse the Metal Virus, either by science or by miracle.

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    • FredCat100 wrote:
      Like I said, never mind him.

      And... that will be a fan made and not consider canon to IDW Publishing.

      But again, like Kitsune said, Sonic will find a cure to clear the Metal Virus in few issues. And again, like I said before, Archie Comic version had few darkest episodes, like Sally got roboticized twice, Knothole got destroyed for real, NICOLE turned Iron NICOLE at one point, and Eggman got better at playing the game.

      Metal Virus is the next level of the darker hour. And it's only a metal virus. Like Roboticize back in old days, if there is a way to reverse the roboticize, then there is a way to reverse the Metal Virus, either by science or by miracle.

      You got it!

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    • Ergo the reason why it's fine to let it happens.

      Plus, Tangle have to do what Sally failed to done in the past; learn her lesson. And Tangle got infected because she rushed ahead, failing to heed Jewel's warning, like multiple times. So once she got cured from the virus, she will start to listen to Jewel's powerful advice.

      Also, the reason of Tangle got infected served a purpose to draw in more characters that hadn't pick up the idea or clue of what the heck went on with the Zombot Apocalypse. As I listed few characters from before: Knuckles is safe from the virus, unless Flicky Bird decided to visit his island; Blaze wasn't seen since Sonic left her with Tangle to turn off the fire; Tikal and Chaos Zero hadn't introduced in the comic yet; and so on.

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    • And also, just now, I believed that Tangle was one of few targets turning Zombots - it was a drive for Whisper to fight against Sinister Six. Same reason Cream behaved like that when she walked past Sonic after her mother got imprisoned by the virus.

      In reality, if Cream had to give a cold shoulder, it's Gmerl's fault, not Sonic's. After all, Gemerl was responsible to scan all residents when they entered the HeadQuarter. And Gemerl missed one, which led to the breakout and Vanilla was caught in it as well.

      Also, Rouge made a reappearance in IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #25. And last time she was seen, she was angry towards Shadow, not Sonic. That was for not listening to her to get away from the infected and keep the virus in him under control.

      Silver still involved because he's part of the team. So are few other fighters.

      But I don't know what will happening during that issue, but... all I can say is... it's just going down the hill from there. It's because anyone beside the hedgehog (Sonic and Amy, to be exact) let the emotions getting the better of them.

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    • Tomorrow, me and my mum are going to chat with a friend of ours cos she works for a new company based in Brighton. It's called Latest TV and it might be the perfect opportunity to talk about how this saga is getting out of hand while it may also boost my #SaveTangletheLemur campaign.

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    • Good luck.

      And I don't think they're dead - they're imprisoned. Similar to Roboticization, but with their bodies being stripping away from their mind and they forced to watch anything that their bodies committed crime (such as infecting other living residents). So no "fate".

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    • This is it!

      My interview on Latest TV is up, feel free to take your time in watching it. Then, once that’s done, share it across social media. The Word Has To Get Out. Tangle may be gone. But together, we can bring her back in no time?

      I hope to God this works.

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    • What?



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    • Myself 123 wrote:



      Guess you're surprised.

      My mum booked me it.

      This is all because I like Tangle.

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    • Yes I'm surprised that a TV programme would care that you're upset that some fictional character got turned into a zombie.

      Nope, still can't process it.

      I don't want to watch that video, but at the same time, I do because I cannot believe that it's about Tangle the frickin Lemur.

      This is just, like, she's not gonna stay as a Zombot, none of them are. You've got main characters from the games who have been infected. It's obviously gonna be undone, do you think Shadow - the second most popular character in the series - is gonna stay as a zombot forever? Your "campaign" isn't going to do anything. They would've planned to have Tangle cured before the issue where she got infected came out.

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    • C'mon, I was trying to get the word out that this storyline isn't suitable for young children.

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    • Clearly that's not your main concern here. Even if it was, the comics aren't for young children anyway.

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    • Again, like I said before - those who infested by Metal Virus are not dead, they're just imprisoned. Much like Roboticization with mind stripped from their being.

      Same reason as the mammalians that went savage in Zootopia. And Zootopia, out of all Disney movies, is a K-Rated movie! Fifteen mammalians got infected with Night Howler dosages and in end, they were cured because of Judy's discovery on said dosage. If it's ok for Zootopia to be marked "Kid" rate, then it's fine for IDW Publishing to... ahem, pardon the pun, publish the comics with "zombie" ideas on them.

      Sure, tell me that Jules Hedgehog can't stay Robian for rest of his life. The reason why he remained Robian, it's his war wound he received from First Robotnik War that had taking his life if it wasn't for Roboticization his brother had created.

      Lastly, interesting enough, Tangle was Sally's replacing character, and yet, they both turned "mindless metal people" in one direction or other (Sally got roboticized twice, while Tangle got infected at least once).

      Oh, guess what? We will have an Uncle character who happened to be the last Zombot also regained his free wills, much like Uncle Charles?! Oh no, that part will not happening!

      But if SEGA don't approve that idea, it won't coming to the issues anyways. Yet, SEGA allowed Ian Flynn to bring that plot to exist anyways.

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    • Ok I get it. But let me handle this cos I was the one who started this conversation in the first place. You guys don't even know what I'm going through.

      Just hold your horses and let me do my thing.

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    • You have to understand... that the infected characters are ALIVE! They're just held as the hostages, being double-edged sword against the resistance/restoration as well as their own opponents.

      Let. It. Go!

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    • Ok I'm sorry, I'm just a bit stressed.

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    • I understand how you felt - I was been through that first two weeks after I saw Tangle turning Zombot. That was a length I had to taken to figure out that it wasn't kill her, it merely imprisoned her. Like straitjacket, ya'know? Controllable straitjacket.

      So all we need to get her back is... wait patiently. And trust in Sonic to find a miracle. It could be either Tikal/Chaos Zero popping in, Sonic kick Six's behind to get what they needed to remove the Metal Virus, or Knuckles' "Master Emerald Punch" them off. Maybe it could be entire different result than I could guess.

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    • Okay, so if I embed this image, are you genuinely traumatized enough to go to therapy?

      I've seen worse online.

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    • Indeed, it traumatized me for first four days after I saw it, then after that, my mind had recovered and worked on make clear that it was just a straitjacket with control/double-edge sword method throw in. That took me 10 days to get myself back to normal, no therapy required to clear that out.

      I have my own hallucination that traumatized me since 9/11/01 occurred. And I am still NOT recovered from it yet. But hey, I am still here, and my mind is sane enough to make a conversation like this.

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