• It's pleasure to see that they're adding to some characters list.

    It was my doing at first, as you knew. I put them in the list of all members of Diamond Cutters because said article had them listed there.

    I will leave that as the way you had determined.

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    • I was just in a state of confusion and I kept contradicting myself. I know now that I was being quite hot headed.

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    • It's alright. Plus, you're my superior so I can't argue against your reason of take them off.

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    • Just because I'm an admin does not mean I cannot be wrong sometimes.

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    • Yes, I am aware of that - Ultrasonic was also an example of some messes as well as his two-weeks-turn-into-a-month-turn-into-a-year banned.

      And also, I had to learn to be patience. And it paid out very well see that you made up your mind overnight.

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    • A FANDOM user
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