• I noticed you helped with the Researchers article. I appreciate the help but I thought you were banned for awhile?

    Were you let off?

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    • No. My ban just steps in two weeks after the discussion for my ban began. Which should be in a few days.

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    • Ah.

      Again sorry it came down to it. I feel very conflicted about it. I agree that we can't favour and must set an example... but banning one of our besrt, just beats me up a little.

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    • It is for the best. We should not make exceptions, especially in my case. However, you can help lessen that burden by helping out on the mainspace. You know, step it up while I am gone. I know it is not your specialty, but you're welcome to try.

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    • I'll try, but while I try not to I always end up sloppy with my articles. Especially after MonoBook got slugged.

      But I always imagined that others on SNN got my back in places I am lacking. Like I try my best making a brand new article and I know what I provided is not good enough (I completely forgot about Researchers in ShTH until Myself reminded me, which is why I made the article so others will know or remember) which is why I still feel iffy of your absence.

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