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    Just saw you did a great job cleaning up the Sonic Mania Gallery. Just wondering though, why were the references removed? I think it's a great idea to credit an artist wherever we can, and isn't it better to be able to back it up with a reference rather than no reference at all?

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    • Hi again. I understand why you left a reference, it'd just be better to do that on a main article (like the artist's page), than in a gallery.

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    • How should I go about working it into the artist's page?

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    • Just by putting the reference next to the game.

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    • I mean more on a per illustration basis. I think that if we're presenting information that isn't present within the product itself, like who illustrated what, it's best to have a reference for the source of that information.

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    • Of course. On the gallery page all that's needed is a caption and for the artist's name to link to their wiki page. Then on their page it would be like this:

      Sonic Mania

      • Promotional artwork
        • SXSW poster(ref)
        • Vinyl artwork(ref)
        • etc.

      That way all their work is credited on their own page, rather than in the gallery. This is how Greg Martin and Rafa Knight's works have been credited, at least.

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    • That’s doable. Thanks!

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    • You're welcome.

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