• Hello Mystic. I have made a terrible bummer, and I was hoping you could help me. You see, The "cite episode" templates I have used for the Sonic X episode have the wrong writers in them. I have updated the episode articles, but not the cite episode templates. I was thus wondering if you could help me change the writer's name in the templates to the correct one(s)?

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    • Oh okay, it's gonna be a bit tedious because I might have to do it manually (in case all refs in Sonic X articles don't display the ref the same), though I'll try use AWB first to see if it can do it properly.

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    • Actually, I Discovered a Way to do this by using the AutoWikiBrowser. It might be a bit to complex to explan here, but the refs are mostly displayed i certain ways. First, I had the AWB make a list of all the episode links for a specific ref. Next, I checked them over without setting the auto on. Whenever I Saw a ref display I did not have, I added it to the AWB. Eventually, I had a list of most situations for the ref (although I still went over Each of them each time before having the AWB make the edits, just to be safe)

      If you did not understand that you can also check the all activity list and see what my bot did.

      If you feel this task is too tedious however, you are welcome to say no.

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