• Hi, I'm an admin over at Mobius Encyclopaedia, and I recently started a new wiki for the upcoming IDW Sonic comic. I've set things up in a similar vain, but I could really use a lot of help with making a new and modern wiki. I wasn't sure who to ask, so I made a post under DISCUSS and you were the first user I reached out to. Do you know if you or anyone else might be interested in helping out over at IDW Sonic Hub? Thanks in advance!

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    • Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, as of now, I have little to no interest in checking out the upcoming IDW Sonic comic series, so I'm afraid that, short of offering you advice on how to manage the Wiki itself, my ability to help out your Wiki would be extremely limited. Save for some of the people who commented on the Discussions thread you made about this topic, I also don't know anyone else off the top of my head who might be interested in helping you out, since I haven't even so much as talked to anyone directly about the upcoming comic series as of yet. But if you still wish to seek any help or advice from me despite my lacking knowledge and interest in the upcoming comic series itself, I'll be glad to offer you my assistance in any way I can. I'll at least try to keep myself as updated on the Discussion thread you made as I can so I at least know where the general discussion currently is and where it's going.

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