• Hello, Axel Badnik. It has come to my attention that you have been inactive since November, and, as our user rights code states, we must alarm the inactive user that their user rights (for you being content moderator rights) will be lapsed if they have been inactive for four months. Please respond within two weeks if you want to keep your rights or we will lapse your rights until you return and become active once more. Thank you for your contributions!

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    • Hello. Sorry for the late response, but it has to be done at some point.

      How much things have been different lately and honestly I couldn't been able to come back in a long time due the changing situation on outside the net. So many of my writing projects have to move aside. You guys are allowed to take off my rights, since I can't contribute here properly at this point. I appologize about this absence and whenever I do take these rights issues into a consideration, I would like to rethink these things deeply.

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    • It is completely fine, predicaments in real life take precedent over wiki work. Thank you for your contributions and good luck out there!

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    • A FANDOM user
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