• Hello Megaphantaze. I noticed what you have added to Silver's article and I think it is great that you have discovered that little fact. However, I also noticed some doubt about how you can validate its confirmation so I thought I could offer a way to ensure its confirmation. You can simply add a reference with the following specific structure and with the following blacks filled out in it:

    <ref>[insert developer] ([Insert release date for game]). [Insert name of game]. [insert gaming console]. [insert publisher]. Area/Level: [insert level/screen with information]. "[Insert quote from the setence where the ifomation comes from]"</ref>

    As an example:

    <ref>Hardlight Studio (July 1, 2015). Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. Android. Sega. Area/Level: Eggman's Lair (Bauble Battle Event). "Hit Eggman by rolling into blue baubles"</ref>

    I hope this helps you.

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