• Listen bud, I understand, I just felt angry and crap. I know, I had anger issues (though I can't tell if I had the same for me) but listen. I'm sorry about that arguement that went too far from like.. I don't know when... Like last month. Just please forgive me and we're all cool, okay?

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    • Are you honestly still hung up about that? Just let it go.

      You try far too hard to change. To the point that you forgot why you had to change to begin with.

      You can keep trying, but just remember one thing. Don't do this purely for me. To this for yourself.

      You can't keep depending on others like that. I can forgive you all I want, but as long as you don't forgive yourself, nothing will change.

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    • I understand. Let's not make that go too far the next time...

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