• [1] Chaos Chronicles is something of an experiment in bold thinking. A crossover apparently between Archie Sonic, Halo, StarCraft, and Star Wars, if you can believe. I'm mostly checking up information on it's story, but it looks fascinating. Obviously not workable in real life, but it might serve as an inspiration for a game made by some other company like Bioware. [2] I have recently been thinking how the original Archie Sonic premise might have gone through, if it made some different decisions similar to the story. Like Kodos and Naugus kept around throughout the war scheming their way to power while committing secret war crimes against the Overlanders. Just as Robotnik faking the weapon experiments on his people in order to get himself arrested before breaking out later, joining the Mobians with maybe Snively, giving them useful information while secretly holding them back from finishing off their people, and perhaps getting other societies on Mobius involved in the Great War such as the hidden cities in a misguided desire to unite the entire world. Then when the duel is concluded, Robotnik and Snively use their technology and spy networks to show a gathered crowd of Mobians, Overlanders, and many others the corruption, cruelty, and incompetence imposed by leaders both good and bad throughout Mobius' history. Gathering enough of a power base to overthrow the world governments and impose a strict, industrialized regime on the planet led by Robotnik and expanded in space by Colin Sr. Sounds good, no? Of course, such themes like the Roboticizer wouldn't be needed, but I thought it was a good scenario. [3] What does everyone else think of this fan story? I'm not exactly encouraging fanon to a degree. I'm just saying it's interesting enough to have a mention here.

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