• In light of new evidence, particularly the one I am linking to now (DISCLAIMER: LANGUAGE), it has been discussed among various moderators/administrators that your personal attacks towards users has gotten out of hand. We have decided to give you a three month chat ban and a one month wiki ban.

    In private message on the Sonic News Network, please note that in the chat policy it says some rules may be ignored, excluding the primary ones and that all users must be comfortable with it. No personal attacks is a primary rule, and if you are caught breaking that rule, even in private message, you are able to be subject to a ban. Please review the chat rules for more information.

    You are still able to edit your message wall to appeal your ban, however, we have more evidence to provide.

    Thank you for understanding.

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    • k

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    • Actually I don't understand, "all users must be comfortable with it" I highly agree with this rule, in fact I understand totally where you are coming from. However I'm never comfortable with sharing most of my PMs, one ever asked if I was, and I'm sure Blue and Pandoo were not either. So whoever made this snapshot (I assume Dude) broke the rule completely. I've also been told several times that PMs are where no rules are allowed as long as the others are fine with it in conversation. So any rules that I have broke should be ineffective.

      If I am misunderstanding please reply and tell me and dearly sorry for any trouble I have caused, and I also agree what I have said about you wasn't the right thing to do.

      Have a nice day and a happy new year.

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    • In the rules it clearly states that you must follow the primary rules, which includes "No personal attacks". Whoever told you otherwise was wrong. There were other logs of you personally attacking users in the main chatroom, as well, you weren't banned over one incident, but multiple ones. Your 1 month ban will stand, however, once you return if I see that your attitude on the wiki has improved I may be inclined to reduce your chat ban after you return.

      I appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you back on the wiki in one month.

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