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The music video for They Call Me Sonic.


Summer Of Sonic 2009 Bentley Jones - They Call Me Sonic (Furry Tails Enhanced Parody Mix)

A remix of They Call Me Sonic performed by Bentley Jones at the Summer of Sonic '09

"They Call Me Sonic" is a single from the album Sonic the Hedgehog. The song was released in 1996 and written by Oscar Oberheim and Andrea Husak.

This song was remixed by Bentley Jones at the UK Sonic convention, the Summer of Sonic in 2009.

Track listing

  1. "They Call Me Sonic" (airrave) - 3:29
  2. "Rave Sonic" (Wing Fortress Rave Zone) - 6:23
  3. "They Call Me Sonic" (Extended Mix) - 5:02
  4. "Final Zone" - 4:24

Total running time: 19:15


They call me Sonic

'cause I am faster than sound, I keep on jumping around

Blue Hedgehog Sonic

with incredible speed, I'm moving my feet

(repeats until the song ends, with instrumental breaks)

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