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Sonic Colors Comics

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The whisper of invasion (落日の楽園 Rakujitsu no Rakuen?) is the first episode in the Sonic Colors Comics web comic series.

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The whisper of invasion


The story begins deep in space, on the beautiful homeworld of the Wisps: Planet Wisp. On the planet, Yacker wakes up in the sunlight among many sleeping White Wisps before being greeted by an Orange Wisp. As he goes outside, Yacker is pleasantly surprised by the appearance of a Yellow Wisp. He then immediately calls out to some Green Wisps flying by, and together with the Yellow Wisp and Orange Wisp, they covertly check up on a stack of Blue Wisps, with one sleeping on top of the other.

Continuing his day, Yacker flies around and happily greets all of his siblings, who are going about their daily activities. While the Wisps are flying around, though, a shadow falls upon Yacker and his fellow Wisps from above, and a loud noise is heard. By the time Yacker and the other Wisps notice the shadow and the sound, it is too late; the Egg Shuttle has arrived on Planet Wisp and is releasing numerous Egg Pawns armed with nets on poles, who are falling down from the ship. As the Wisps respond to the hostile arrival in various ways, Yacker looks on in horror.

To be Continued...






  • The way the Pink Wisps are embedded head-first into a tree on page two of this comic may be an allusion to the Pink Wisp from the opening CGI in the Wii version of Sonic Colors that gets its head stuck to a surface in a similar way.
  • All the Wisps that appear in this issue are Wisps that can be encountered in Sonic Colors: Ultimate.








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