The Works II is an album released by Jun Senoue. The album was released on 14 October 2016 in physical format in Japan and in digital format worldwide on iTunes and the Google Play Store.[1] The album contains various songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and past albums by Crush 40.

Track listing

  1. Nitrous Fury
  2. Sparklers
  3. Eternal Glory
  4. Stand On The Edge
  5. It Doesn't Matter -RMX2.014k-
  6. Escape From The City -Blue Blur RMX-
  7. Angel Island Zone -SSBB RMX-
  8. Big Arm (Sonic 3 Final Boss) ft. Cash Cash
  9. Run Through The Speed Highway -Hybrid Mix-
  10. High Groove
  11. Fill It Up
  12. Dangerous Ground
  13. In The Lead
  14. Fuel Me
  15. All The Way
  16. Battle For Justice [CHAIN Band ver.]
  17. Battle For Justice II [CHAIN Band ver.]
  18. Beat The Master II [CHAIN Band ver.]
  19. Rush A Difficulty (Short Edited ver.)
  20. Forging The Champions
  21. Foundations Of Fortune
  22. Go The Distance
  23. Slammin' Lockers
  24. Arena Anthem


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