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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
The Void (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "The Void".

[Scene: Great Unknown, night.]

Sonic: Man! Something about this sure looks...whoa!
[Sonic grunts and pulls a Power Ring out of his backpack as he is pulled into the Void.]
Sonic: Outta here!
Sonic: Nice try Ro-butt-nik, but you lose!
[Sonic sees something on the ground.]
Sonic: Whoa. Seriously weird.
[Sonic picks up the object.]
Sonic: Eh. Maybe Sal can figure it out. Pedal to the metal time!

[Scene Change: Inside the Void.]

Naugus: Such superb speed...
[The image in his crystal changes to Sally.]
Naugus: ...and such a fine mind. Interesting.

[Scene Change: Knothole Village, night.]

Sally: Nicole, do we have another perspective?
Nicole: Negative, Sally.
Sally: Additional data?
Nicole: Negative, Sally.
Sonic: Hey, guys!
Bunnie: Heya, sugar-hog!
Sally: Hi, Sonic!
Sonic: Sal, remember that portal thing Ari got sucked into?
Sally: You mean the Void?
Sonic: Yeah, the Void. I was kickin' across the Great Unknown and this mondo crack opens up in the ground; tries to suck me in. I found this.
Sally: Oh my gosh. Sonic, your timing is amazing. This ring is from the Mandaras.
Sonic: Say what?
Sally: The Mandaras. A legendary race of giants I've been researching. This is the first proof that they actually exist.
[Sally kisses Sonic on the cheek.]
Sally: Thank you, Sonic!
Sonic: Aw, no prob, Sal.
[Dove lands on the window, delivering a message to the Freedom Fighters.]
Bunnie: Hmm... mail from Uncle Chuck.
Sonic: Well what's it say?
Bunnie: "Robotnik planning something big. Send Sonic."
Sonic: Out of here! [Speeds away]
Sally: Nicole, translation please.
Nicole: Characters incongruous to historical era, Sally. High probability of artifact falsification. Ambient energies detected. Caution recommended.
Bunnie: What the heck did she say?
Sally: It could be a fake. Well, a display can't hurt anything. Activate please, Nicole.
[Nicole puts up a holographic display.]
Sally: Hmm. That's the symbol for 'estolia', then 'nalia' and 'bronsha'.
[The "ring" glows red.]
Bunnie: Oh my stars!
[The girls scream as they are bathed in red light. They are paralyzed as they float out of Knothole Village.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis, Chuck's hideout.]

Dr. Robotnik: Snively, study the Doomsday Project information I sent you. I expect your analysis at the next command meeting.
Chuck: All his commanders are in on it, Sonic. That worries me!
Sonic: Doomsday Project? Sounds mondo ugly! When’s Robotnik's next meeting, Unc?
Chuck: It's not set yet. I'll try to find out but I have to get back to my job before I'm missed.
[Uncle Chuck uses the periscope.]
Chuck: It's clear. Be careful, Sonic.
Sonic: You too, Unc. [High fives Chuck] Out of here!

[Scene Change: Computer Terminal.]

Snively: Well, well... so Naugus finally did it. Oh, this should be very interesting. [Laughs] Huh? [Loudly] Sir!
Dr. Robotnik: What is it, Snively?
Snively: Satellite photos show Void activity in the Great Unknown, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: The Void? Impossible!
Snively: Right there, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: It can't be! Naugus.
[Robotnik has a flashback.]
Naugus: Recall me from the Void in one hour, Robotnik. And should you have any thoughts of betrayal...
[Naugus magically gives Dr. Robotnik the head of a crow, as Snively laughs.]
Snively: Very, very good, Naugus.
Dr. Robotnik: Trust me, Naugus; I carry no such thoughts.
Naugus: I should hope not.
[Naugus changes Dr. Robotnik back to normal.]
Naugus: Have I made my point... Doctor?
Dr. Robotnik: A safe journey, Naugus. Activating Void.
[The door opens and Naugus is sucked into the Void.]
Dr. Robotnik: Snively, disable all retrieval programs.
Snively: But-but Sir, didn't you just...?
Dr. Robotnik: [Interrupts] Now!
Snively: Yes, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Rule number one, Naugus, never trust anyone. Heh. Especially me.
[Robotnik's flashback ends.]
Snively: Sir, if Naugus escapes he's going to be very angry.
Dr. Robotnik: He can open the Void, but he can't get out.
Snively: But Sir, if he learned how to open the Void, perhaps he...
Dr. Robotnik: [Interrupts] You're right! Alert Air Command. We'll... we'll keep a close eye on the Void.

[Scene Change: Knothole, night.]

Sonic: Priority one hedgehog alert! Huh?
[Sonic heads tp Sally's hut.]
Sonic: Sal? Anybody home?
[Sonic opens the hut door.]
Sonic: Where is everybody?
[Sonic finds Nicole lying on the ground.]
Sonic: [Gasps] Nicole? What are you doing here?
[Sonic picks up Nicole.]
Sonic: Sal never goes anywhere without you.

[Scene Change: Great Unknown.]

[Bunnie and Sally are pulled into the Void, as Naugus' laughter can be heard.]

[Scene Change: Knothole, Sally's hut, night.]

Sonic: Where is she, Nicole?
Nicole: Insufficient information, Sonic.
Sonic: Say what?
Nicole: Name required for cognitive answer.
Sonic: Sally. Where's Sally?
Nicole: Sally is no longer present.
Sonic: I can see that. Where'd she go?
Nicole: Sally did not input destination.
Sonic: What happened before she left?! [Shakes Nicole]
Nicole: Warning. Improper manipulation of this unit may cause extensive circuitry damage.
Sonic: Talk in English. [Frustrated] Oooooh!
Nicole: Sonic! Do not shake me! I can display what happened before Sally departed.
Sonic: Okay, cool. So display.
Sally: [Via playback] ...then 'nalia' and 'bronsha'.
Sonic: What happened? What's all that red stuff?
Nicole: The radiated energies were similar to those associated...
Sonic: [Interrupts] You're doing it again!
Nicole: It's probably from... the Void.
Sonic: D'oh! The Void. That's where I found that stupid ring! I'm kicking!
Nicole: Let us get loose and juice. Let us pack it...
Sonic: [Interrupts] I get the picture, Nicole.

[Scene Change: Inside the Void.]

Bunnie: Who th' hoo-hah are you?
Sally: And where are we?
Naugus: I will ask the questions. Where is the hedgehog?
Sally: The hedgehog?
Naugus: Tell me about the hedgehog.
Sally: [Monotone voice] Sonic. Leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.
Naugus: I know that. How did he escape my spell?
Sally: He went to Robotropolis.
[Both girls gasp as they are released from Naugus' spell.]
Sally: Wait. Who are you?
Naugus: I am Naugus, a sorcerer. This place is... Sanctuary. You know it as the Void. I discovered its existence. The lowlife you know as... Robotnik designed the means to enter. Though there is much I do not understand about this place, within Sanctuary my magic can do anything... except enable me to escape! For that, I need the hedgehog's speed. He will be here soon.
[Naugus freezes the girls in crystal.]
Naugus: After all, he must rescue... his Princess. [Laughs]

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

Sonic: This is the place. Where'd it go?
[Sonic takes out Nicole.]
Sonic: Nicole, find the Void.
Nicole: Ambient energy radiating from target source south-southwest.
Sonic: You want another shaking?
Nicole: Hang a left.
Sonic: Cool.
Hover Unit: Hedgehog, priority one. Hedgehog, priority one.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Ship, night.]

Snively: Sir, we're inside the search grid.
Dr. Robotnik: Then release the Surveillance Orbs.
[The Surveillance Orbs come out of the ship.]

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

Sonic: Whoa! Not cool. What's up, Nicole?
Nicole: Receiving multiple radiant forces.
Sonic: In English.
Nicole: Correction, I'm getting signals from all over and they're... messing... me... up.
Sonic: Now that's English. Now, where's this stuff coming from?
Nicole: The "stuff" is from portable sensors, like the kind Robotnik uses.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Ship, night.]

[Sonic is seen on a monitor.]
Dr. Robotnik: "What is the hedgehog doing so far from home?" is what I'd like to know. There's nothing out here... except the Void. Hmm. Could he possibly be working with... Gah! All units, pursue the hedgehog!

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

[Sonic is staring down several Hover Units, as they are in front of him.]
Nicole: Hover Units detected, Sonic.
Sonic: Oh, now ya tell me, Nicole. Oh man!
[Sonic runs away from the Hover Units, who are firing lasers at him.]
Sonic: Nicole, any ideas?
Nicole: Perhaps a Super Spin?
Sonic: Starting to like you, Nicole! Spin and win time!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Ship, night.]

[Dr. Robotnik screams out of frustration.]
Snively: Tracking, Sir. Projected point of exit is... there.
Dr. Robotnik: What's that?
Snively: Switching to visual, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: The Void. Full thrust. Alert Air Command. We'll be waiting when he surfaces.

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

Sonic: Yo, what's up? Argh! Not again!
Dr. Robotnik: Lay down a line of fire!
Sonic: Big problemo here, Nicole.
Dr. Robotnik: We'll drive him into the Void. Snively! Prepare to close it!
Snively: Harmonic frequencies synchronized, Sir. Ready to activate.
Dr. Robotnik: Excellent! Standby for my signal. Air Command, sweep laser fire forward. Yes! [Evil laughter]
Sonic: No!
[Sonic is trapped between the Void and the Hover Units' laser-fire.]
Sonic: Nicole!
Nicole: Chill, Sonic. You're headed for the ol' Void anyway.
Sonic: Glad I thought of that. Whoa...
[Sonic lets himself get sucked into the Void.]
Dr. Robotnik: Yes, yes, yes! The hedgehog is gone! Oh, it just makes me tingle all over. Yes! Snively.
Snively: Sir?
Dr. Robotnik: Seal it.
Snively: Void energy diminishing, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Wha?
Snively: Encountering resistance, sir. Energy rising again.
Dr. Robotnik: Hold station. If it re-opens, close it. If anyone tries to escape, destroy them.

[Scene Change: Inside the Void.]

[Sonic enters the Void.]
Sonic: Way cool!
[Sonic lands at Naugus' feet.]
Naugus: Welcome, Sonic Hedgehog. [Laughs]
Sonic: Hmm? Bunnie! Sal! Did you do this, pal?
Naugus: I assure you, they're fine.
[Naugus frees Sally and Bunnie from the crystals.]
Sally: Sonic!
Bunnie: Sugar-hog!
Sonic: Yeah. You guys alright?
Naugus: I require your services, Sonic Hedgehog. I wish to leave here.
Sonic: Be my guest, pal. That portal is shut down.
Naugus: Many years I struggled to uncover the secret of opening that portal. Now even Robotnik's devices can't stop me.
Sally: [Quietly] Sonic, he needs your speed; it's our only way out of the Void.
Sonic: Let's kick it!
Naugus: Ahh, such superb speed.
Sonic: Hang on!
Naugus: [Laughs]
Sonic: Wheel and deal time! Stand back, guys.
[Sonic Super Spins into the crystal, breaking it.]
Sonic: Whew! Whoa...
Sally: It's beautiful.
Bunnie: A-yep. This is where I want my wedding.
Sally: Am I seeing things, or does this look like my father's castle?
Sonic: Let's check it out.

[Scene Change: Crystal Castle.]

[Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie gasp.]
Sally: Oh my gosh. Daddy!
[Sally runs to the bed.]
Sally: Are you all right?
Fake King: Sally. I need your help.
Sally: Yes, of course. What?
Fake King: [Coughs] Is Sonic here?
Sonic: Yes, your Majesty?
Fake King: Please. Take me from this place. I can fix everything. I'll explain outside the Void.
Sonic: No prob, your Highness. But how do we get past Naugus?
Fake King: [Coughs] His magic created all this. It's just illusion; we can leave from anywhere. Use your speed. [Coughs]
Sally: Hurry, Sonic.
Sonic: I'll be back, Sal. Hang on, Highness.
Bunnie: Sally-girl, something funny is going on.
Ari: I'm afraid you've been tricked, Princess.
Sally: Ari? I don't understand.
Ari: Naugus knew Sonic wouldn't help him, so he impersonated the King instead.
[Sally gasps as Ari steps away to reveal the real King.]
King: Sally. It's really me, Sally.
Sally: Daddy! [Hugs him] Oh, daddy...

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

[Sonic leaves the Void while carrying the Fake King.]
Sonic: Hold on, your Highness! Incoming!
Snively: Sonic brought the King out, Sir!
Dr. Robotnik: I saw, Snively; now close that portal!
Sonic: Ha, ha! We lost them, your Majesty.
Fake King/Naugus: It is good... [Transforms] be free.
Sonic: Yo, what's going on? How...
Naugus: I am in your debt, Sonic Hedgehog.
Sonic: That was way uncool, man! I'm gonna...
[Naugus traps him in crystal up to his neck.]
Sonic: Hey! [Grunts] Let me go!
Naugus: You should thank me. I'm going to get rid of Robotnik. What's that?
Sonic: One of Robotnik's Spy Eyes.
Naugus: Really?

[Scene Change: Robotnik's Command Ship, night.]

[Sonic and Naugus are seen on the monitor.]
Naugus: Can he see us now?
Sonic: Eee-yep.
Naugus: Greetings, Dr. Robotnik. Wanna play?
[Robotnik gasps.]

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

[Naugus unfreezes Sonic.]
Naugus: Save your friends, Sonic Hedgehog. I have work to do.
Sonic: Cool. Outta here! [Leaves]
Naugus: [Cackles] Welcome, Dr. Robotnik.
[Robotnik yelps.]
Naugus: It's payback time. [Laughs]
Dr. Robotnik: It was an accident, Naugus. I didn't betray you. I swear it!
Naugus: Mmm...I'm not sure it's the right look for you, Doctor.
[The camera shows Robotnik with the head of a slug.]
Naugus: Nah...color doesn't match your eyes.
[Naugus snaps his fingers. Robotnik now has the head of a gorilla. Naugus snaps his fingers again, as Robotnik's head now looks like a crow's head. Moments later, Snively's monitor shows Robotnik with a pig's head.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Via monitor] Oink, oink.
Naugus: [Via monitor] Now that is definitely you.
[Snively laughs until he falls over in his chair.]

[Scene Change: Inside the Void.]

Sally: Where is Sonic? He should be back by now.
Bunnie: He'll be here.
[Sonic returns.]
Bunnie: Good ol' sugar-hog!
Sonic: Hedgehog express! Let's kick this dump!

(Scene Change: Great Unknown, night.]

[Dr. Robotnik still has the head of a pig, as he is making pig noises and is rooting around in the dirt.]
Naugus: [Gasps] No! Aaagh!
[Naugus' feet have turned into crystal.]
Naugus: Enough of this game.
[Naugus changes Dr. Robotnik back to normal.]
Naugus: Let's play Hide and Seek. You'll hide, and I'll seek. One... Two...
Dr. Robotnik: I didn't betray you!
Naugus: Three...
Dr. Robotnik: I swear it!
Naugus: Four... Five... Six...
Dr. Robotnik: Get us out of here, Snively!
Naugus: Seven... Eight... Nine... Ten!
Sonic: Yo! Robotnik's getting away!
Naugus: Yes. I know.
Sally: Sonic, look!
King: I'm turning to crystal. Naugus! What's happening?
Naugus: We've been too long in the Void. We cannot exist in this world. I misunderstood the Void's properties. It's drawing our life-force. The only place I can control it is there. We must go back, or we'll die.
Sally: Daddy... just when...
King: Shh, child. Reach into my pocket. It lists all the Freedom Fighter groups. Find them.
Sally: Somehow, we'll get you out, Daddy. I love you.
Sonic: Good luck, your Majesty.
King: Take care of her, Sonic.
Naugus: I will return, Robotnik. I will be avenged.
King: Goodbye, Sally.
[Sally cries and hugs Sonic.]

[Scene Change: Knothole, Lake of Rings, day.]

[Sally sniffles.]
Sonic: It's gonna be okay, Sal.
Sally: Sonic, I hardly got to see him.
Sonic: Yeah, but you did see him. Naugus will think of a way out of there. Plus, we got the Freedom Fighters list and Ari.
Sally: I don't say this often Sonic, but you're right.
Sonic: Hey, I'm always right.
Sally: Not always.
Sonic: Yeah, always.
Sally: No way.
Sonic: Yeah, way; ask Nicole.
Nicole: He's cool, Sal; way past.
Sally: Sonic, what have you done to her?
Sonic: Come on, Sal.
Nicole: Yeah. Get a grip, Sal.
Sally: Nicole!