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'''"The Sidekick"''' is the first episode in the ''[[Sonic Boom (TV series)|Sonic Boom]]'' television series. It is set to air on 8 November 2014 in 7:00 AM on Cartoon Network.
'''"The Sidekick"''' is the first episode in the ''[[Sonic Boom (TV series)|Sonic Boom]]'' television series. It is set to air on 8 November 2014.

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Sonic Boom
The Sidekick

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"The Sidekick" is the first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It is set to air on 8 November 2014.


When Tails is injured in a battle with Doctor Eggman, Sonic holds auditions for a new sidekick to replace him.[2]



The episode starts off in a canyon-filled area where Sonic is chasing Dr. Eggman in his Egg Mobile through the canyons while taunting Eggman with his name, much to the doctor's annoyance. The pair enters a corkscrew-shaped mineshaft where Dr. Eggman summons Burnbot to destroy Sonic, but Sonic mocks the doctor on the inconsistency of Burnbot's name as it does not actually use fire. Furious, Eggman unleashes Burnbot, and Sonic and Burnbot chase each other towards the bottom of the mineshaft. Tails then arrives in the Tornado, where he contacts Sonic over their communicators to make a plan. As Sonic and Burnbot are about to clash in the shaft, Tails flies in and helps Sonic counterattack Burnbot, where Sonic swings into the robot with an EnerBeam from Tails, knocking it into a wall. However, Burnbot gets up and pierced the Tornado's wing, causing Tails to fall (while his ejector seat fails). Sonic and Burnbot then face off again, but Sonic knocks a boulder loose which smashes the robot and gets out of the shaft, only to see Tails crash. Sonic finds Tails knocked out and fears the worst. He puts his ear to Tails' chest and is relieved to hear that he is still alive. He then decides that he does not want Tails to get hurt any more.

Tails awakens later on and Sonic is glad to see he is up, only to let him know that he is "fired." Surprisingly, Tails takes it casually enough. With Tails gone, Sonic begins basically advertising through pamphlets that he is looking for a new sidekick and says that anyone can compete. Eggman catches wind of this and decides to try out to lure Sonic into a trap and he talks with Orbot and Cubot about it.

Later, while Sonic hosts the tryouts, he meets Amy who tells him that she wants to try out as his sidekick and Amy starts juggling and singing, but Sonic is unimpressed. Fastidious Beaver is the next to appear, though he admits he is a coward. Knuckles then arrives and tries to convince Sonic to be his sidekick. However, Sonic is apathetic about it and Knuckles states he would name him "Knuckles Jr.". Amy then tries the tryouts again, with the same act as before, but again, this has no luck. After that, Eggman appears at the tryouts and even though Sonic refuses, the doctor is allowed as he said anyone could compete. Along the way, a cloaked figure appears at the tryouts who Sonic asks for questions and likes his answers. The person then uncloaks himself and reveals himself to be Tails, who is attempting to become Sonic's sidekick again since everyone can compete.

In the end, Sonic has chosen Tails, Eggman and Fastidious Beaver as candidates, though the latter just wanted to ask Sonic about something. To test them, Sonic has set up a race for the candidates on Extreme Gear-like boards to Mount Safety to capture the red flag he has placed there. Along the way, Tails goes in the Tornado and Eggman goes in the Egg Mobile while picking up an updated Burnbot along the way. Sonic sees as he runs past. However, Fastidious Beaver does not finish and just lies there and sucks his thumb after he crashes.

Eventually they reach a snowy area with a frozen lake. Sonic fights Burnbot again, except this time, the updated Burnbot actually uses fire. Eggman thanks Sonic for the idea although Sonic told him off for not giving Burnbot a different name earlier and for not using the fire idea for the robot. Tails comes in again and helps out. Burnbot is defeated, but Sonic falls through the cracks and Tails cannot get him out of the water as he is water logged. Sonic falls in, but Tails swims in and saves him. Sonic then basically rehires Tails on the spot for his actions, while Eggman flies away promising to be back with a better robot.

Back at Sonic's house, Amy wants Sonic to reconsider, while Knuckles depressingly notes that it was not going well having his own sidekick, and Amy complains. However, Amy realizes Knuckles needs a sidekick and starts her act again, and Knuckles gets another name idea for his sidekick: Knuckalina.




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