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"The Shining Road" (光る道 Hikaru Michi?) is one of the ending theme songs for the Japanese version of Sonic X. It was used for the episodes "That's What Friends Are For" to "Defective Detectives" and again for the episodes "A Cosmic Call" to "So Long Sonic". During the show's original run, it was used from 6 July 2003 to 28 December 2003.


  • Lyricist: Shun Taguchi
  • Composer: Masataka Matsutoya
  • Arranger: Masataka Matsutoya
  • Singer: Aya Hiroshige (廣重綾 Hiroshige Aya?)[1]


A shot of the city is shown late at night and the sun begins to rise. The scene changes to Sonic sitting on the edge of one of the buildings of the city watching the sun rise. Sonic is then seen walking through a mist in the park toward a tree. Looking closely, he can see Amy standing next to the tree giving a worried look. Sonic and Amy then stare at each other without saying a word.


Japanese English translation
Romaji Kanji

Watashitachi no sekai wa mahou wo kakerarete
Ai suru to kime kisae namida ni fuujirareteru
Boy futari de jumon wo sagashi ni ikou
Kinjirare ta yume wo kanaerareru kuni he

Dare ni mo naisho de ashita machi awaseshiyou.
Itsuka kotori wo ume ta yoake no mieru oka de
Tsumetai asamoya kimi to te wo tsunaidara
Hikaru michi no fuuin ga tokeru yo

Kirawa retakunaikara kokoro wokakushiteta
Warai kaketekuretane hontoni ureshikatta
Boy watashi ni yuuki woataetehoshii
Kinoumadeno subete zero nidekiru chikara

Dare nimo naishode sotto kuchiduke shiyou
Itsuka yoma nakunatta furui ehon no youni
Asatsuyu ichimen kaze gakira mekasetara
Hikaru michi wa massuguni tsuduku yo

Callin' you
Kanashi i yoru ha kimi no namae wo tonae runo
Callin' you
Sore wa sekai no kusari wohodoku jumon nano

Dare nimonaishode ashita machiawase shiyou
Itsukaminna tabidatsu mirai no mie ru oka de
Tsume tai asa moya kimi to aru kidashitara
Hikaru michi wa massuguni tsuduku yo

私たちの世界は 魔法をかけられて
愛するときめきさえ 涙に封じられてる

Boy ふたりで呪文を探しに行こう
禁じられた夢を 叶えられる国へ

誰にもないしょで 明日待ち合わせしよう
いつか小鳥を埋めた 夜明けの見える丘で
冷たい朝もや 君と手をつないだら

笑いかけてくれたね ほんとにうれしかった

Boy 私に 勇気をあたえてほしい
きのうまでの すべて ゼロにできる力

誰にもないしょで そっと口づけしよう
朝露 一面 風がきらめかせたら

Callin' you
悲しい夜は 君の名前を唱えるの
Callin' you

誰にもないしょで 明日待ち合わせしよう

Our world is under a spell
Even the excitement of our love is sealed in our tears
Boy, let's go together to find that charm,
To the land of where forbidden dreams may come true.

Alone, tomorrow, let's secretly meet
Up on the hill where small birds are buried
Some day, when I hold your hand in the cold morning mist
And the seal of the shining road will be broken

I didn't wish to get heartbroken, so I hid my feelings
I was happy, for you gave me that smile.
Boy, give me courage
To make everything that happened zero.

Let's kiss quietly in secret
Like an old picture book we're unable to read
When the wind blows in the morning dew
The shining road will stretch on forever

Callin' you
Calling out your name in a sad night
Callin' you
That will be the key to break the enchantment of the world

Alone, tomorrow, let's secretly meet
On the hill where we can see the future of everyone's journeys
Some day, when I walk with you in the cold morning mist
The shining road will stretch on forever


  • In "Defective Detectives", when the Chaotix are watching recaps of the series "The Shining Road" ending plays. However instead of Amy waiting for Sonic, Cheese takes her place. Then in the actual ending of the episode Cheese is shown to have waited for Sonic, he is also standing on the ground instead of flying. Cheese is half Sonic's height.
  • During the episode mentioned above, while the Chaotix are watching the ending, the first frame of the night city is shown then it skips to the part with Cheese.
  • When this song plays during the ending and special endings, the song's tempo is sped up by a little in which it is slightly faster than the original tempo in order to match up with the scene the song is playing over.
  • At around 17:13 of the Japanese version of "Countdown to Chaos", when Sonic becomes Super Sonic and Chris is crying, a synthesized instrumental version of this song (using xylophone/music box) plays in the DVD and streaming releases of the episode. In the TV Broadcast it is replaced with "Kotoba ni Dekinai".



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